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Digital Feedback

Why? When? How?
Dina Dobrou
November 2015

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Aims Options • Digital • Non-Digital Appropriacy • Age • Level Resources • • Online Tablet .

Ho w? Whe n? .


Mirriam-Webster Dictionary . etc. product.Feedback – A definition Helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance.

Feedback – A definition Actual Use Feedback Referenc e Compariso n Adapted from Ramaprasad (1983) .

the information about the gap must be used to alter the gap.For feedback to exist. If the information is not actually used in altering the gap. Ramaprasad (1983) Photo by @Modnar on Morgue . then there is no feedback.

1989). and/or skill).Photo by @mantasmagorical on Morgue • Perception by the learner of a gap between a desired goal and his or her present state (of knowledge. 1983. • Action taken by the learner to close that gap in order to attain the desired goal (Ramaprasad. . understanding. Sadler.

Options: • Non-Digital • Digital Photo by @snowbear on Morgue Photo by @kolobsek on Morgue .

e Oral Work h W ? Accuracy Fluency n Reformulation /Recasting Involving students Repeating Echoing Statement & Question Expression Recording mistakes Hinting Reformulation /Recasting Individual notes Adapted from Harmer .

Resources • Online/Offline • Tablet .

Appropriacy • Age • Level Photo by Cambridge Flyers on AppStore Photo by @mconnors on Morgue Peer feedback has an extremely positive effect on group cohesion. (Harmer 2007) .

Written Work During (respond) After (correct) Strengths Suggestions e h W ? n Correction Code Selective Marking Student Involvement Adapted from Harmer .

Cognitive Evaluation Theory Summativ e (grades) Formative (comments ) Adapted from Black & William (1998) .

Resources • Online • Tablet .

Appropriacy • Age/Level • Timing Photo by @mantasmagorical on Morgue .

Talking about video feedback. and William. Stannard. Gifford. T. Assessment in Education: Principles. Talking feedback. (2013). 2015].7-74. [Accessed 13 Nov. . 2015]. R.english. (1998). Harmer. J.theguardian. 2015]. [online] Available at: http://www. (2007).com/watch?v=Gkdwg_4KJSc [Accessed 13 Nov. Oxford: Heinemann Publishers (Oxford) Ltd. D. Available at: http://www. Scrivener. (2015). (1994). Using Screen Capture Software in Student Feedback. J.. [online] ELTjam. [Accessed 13 Nov. (2012). English. [online] the Guardian. Learning hnology/camtasia. [online] Available at: https://www. Policy & Practice. Feedback Loops and ELT. Available at: http://eltjam. (2015). England: Pearson 5(1).• • • • • • • References Black. The practice of English language teaching. YouTube. 2015]. Assessment and Classroom [Accessed 14 Nov. pp.heacademy.

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