United States is the fourth-largest country  Explored by Christopher Columbus  July 4th-independence day  Capital-Washington

,D.C  Diverse & multicultural  GDP of 14.2 Trillion dollars  Area-3.79 million sq miles 

1.POPULATION DEMOGRAPHICS  30 crores approx  0.975% population growth rate  82% urbanisation  Ethnic groups  Religions  99% literacy rate  Migration rate-4.32%



4.LIFE STYLE  Family relationships  Punctuality  Social meetings 5.LANGUAGES  82%-English  12%-Spanish

Space Research-NASA  Biotechnology  Information Technology  Medical Research  Infrastructure  Transportation  Robotics  Internet  Power & Energy 

LOCATION North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean, between Canada and Mexico  AREA Total: 9,826,675 sq km Country comparison to the world: 3 Land: 9,161,966 sq km Water: 664,709 sq km  

LAND BOUNDARIES Total: 12,034 km Border countries: Canada 8,893 km (including 2,477 km with Alaska), Mexico 3,141 km COASTAL LINE 19,924 km 

CLIMATE Tropical - Hawaii and Florida Arcitic - Alaska Semiarid - West of the Mississippi River Arid - Great Basin of the southwest  NATURAL RESOURCES coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber   


Tsunamis Volcanoes Earthquake activity around Pacific Basin Hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Tornadoes in the Midwest and Southeast Mud slides in California Forest fires in the west Flooding Permafrost in northern Alaska

Largest and most technologically powerful  3 times larger than the india  Percapita GDP of $46,900  Private individuals &business firms make decisions  Stable growth rate,unemployement rate etc.,  Consumer spending constitutes 71% of GDP  Has largest financial market and exchanges 


VALUE 2.21 5.8 . 11101.50 81.63 3.25



Mining Finance and Insurance Real Estate, rental , leasing Manufacturing Wholesale & retail trade Transportation Information Management of companies & enterprises Administrative, support, waste management & remediation service Educational services Health care & social assistance Arts, entertainment, & recreation Accommodation & food services Other services (except public administration) 




The worst decline since the Great Depression in overall economic activity is over; however, their forecast calls for a jobless recovery Employment losses are slowing, unemployment remains high Housing market is beginning to stabilize Consumer spending is still slow Credit conditions have eased somewhat Financial market performance has been improving


€ Prime

Loan Interest Rate Past Trend Present Value & Future Projection



US Taxes can be a complex system matter, with payments made to up to four levels. The four levels include the-- Federal government  Local government, which includes districts, municipalities, counties as well as townships.  Regional government which includes transit districts  State government

€ The

U S is a presidential, federal republic in which the president of the US , congress, and judiciary share Powers reserved to the national govt, and the federal govt shares sovereignty with the state govt. Federal and state elections generally take place with n a two party system, although this is not enshrined in law.

€ The

executive branch is headed by President and is independent of the legislature. € Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. € The judicial branch (or judiciary), composed of the Supreme Court and lower federal courts, exercises judiciary. € The judiciary's function is to interpret the U S Constitution as well as federal laws and regulations. This includes resolving disputes between the executive and legislative branches.

€ The

federal government of the United States was established by the Constitution. Two parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, have dominated American politics since the American Civil War, although other parties have also existed. € There are major differences between the political system of the United States and that of most other developed democracies.

€ These

include increased power of the upper house of the legislature, a wider scope of power held by the Supreme Court, the separation of powers between the legislature and the executive, and the dominance of only two main parties. € The United States is one of the world's developed democracies in which third parties have the least political influence.

€ The

federal entity created by the Constitution is the dominant feature of the American governmental system. € The federal government was created by the states, which as colonies were established separately and governed themselves independently of the others. € Units of local government were created by the colonies to efficiently carry out various state functions. As the country expanded, it admitted new states modeled on the existing ones.

State government € State govt have the power to make laws on all subjects that are not granted to the national government or denied to the states in the U.S. Constitution. € These include education, family law, contract law , and most crimes. Unlike the national government, which only has those powers granted to it in the Constitution, a state government has inherent powers allowing it to act unless limited by a provision of the state or national constitution.

€ Like

the national government, state governments have three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The chief executive of a state is its popularly elected governor, who typically holds office for a four-year term (although in a some states the term is two years). € All states have a bicameral legislature, with the upper house usually called the Senate and the lower house called the House of Representatives. € In most states, senators serve four-year terms, and members of the lower house serve two-year terms.

€ The

constitutions of the various states differ in some details but generally follow a pattern similar to that of the federal Constitution, including a statement of the rights of the people and a plan for organizing the government.

Sole super power  The U.S. economy is marked by resilience, flexibility, and innovation  Top 3 exporters of the world ($.993 billion)  World's leading importer ($1.445 trillion)  FTAs in effect with 17 countries  Natural resources-fossil fuels,metals etc.,  Primary developer and grower of genetically modified food  Leads the world in scientific research  150 ports on its coast line 

SocialSecurity Administration operates the country·s pension system, which is funded through payroll taxes.  The United States is the world·s major producer of timber.  The United States also ranks among the world·s largest producers of edible and nonedible fish products.  The United States is one of the world·s leading producers of energy. It is also the world·s biggest consumer of energy. 

Decreasing saving rates  Trade deficit  Large foreign economies such as China, Japan, Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and the EU own huge dollar reserves  Dependent on technology as capital intensive countries  Labour cost is high  Rules and regulations are strict. 

Collapse of stock markets following an untenable run-up in technology shares.  Losses from corporate scandals.  War motive to eradicate terrorism.  Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Implements antitrust laws to prevent companies from colluding on prices or monopolizing market shares.  


to new Asian markets since American companies continue to expand their market reach throughout the world. market is Expanding due to the government's advancement of environmental laws. business in Military services. is a consumer society where quality is highly valued. 


Booming  USA 

American customers tend to pay money to try using a new technology. Educational standard are high with 99% literacy. Direct investment in emerging market economy due to increase in GDP. Economy is highly advanced in the service sector with 73.1% growth. Control pollution and helps in the export of various products with a reliability and adaptability. 


USA has a law of equal opportunity which states no distinction between people based on race, color, religion 


import barrier.  Emerging market economy like china, India, japan  Competition from the new and old entrants.  Natural hazards like hurricanes causes very serious effect for the country  Economic slow down  Terrorism


agricultural products (soybeans, fruit, corn) industrial supplies (organic chemicals) capital goods (transistors, aircraft, motor vehicle parts, computers, telecommunications equipment) consumer goods (automobiles, medicines) Canada , Mexico , China , Japan , Germany , UK



agricultural products industrial supplies (crude oil) capital goods(computers,telecommunications equipment, motorvehicle parts, office machines, electric power machinery) consumer goods (automobiles, clothing, medicines, furniture, toys) China , Canada , Mexico , Japan , Germany



Civilian aircraft Diamonds Chemical fertilizers Telecommunications equipment Organic chemicals Other petroleum products Computer accessories Jewellery Medicinal equipment Industrial machines 


Cotton household furnishings & clothing Diamonds, Jewellery (e.g. watches, rings) Medicinal, dental and pharmaceutical preparations Semi-finished iron & steel products Non-cotton household furnishings & clothing Textile floor coverings Industrial machinery « Industrial organic chemicals Generators, transformers & accessories




20000 exports 15000



0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

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Refocusing on the Threat from al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq Keeping Nuclear Weapons Out of the Hands of Terrorists Promoting Peace and Security in Israel and the Middle East Re-energizing America·s Alliances Maintaining Core American Values Restoring American Leadership in Latin America Ensuring Energy Security and Fighting Climate Change 


MERCENTILISM U.S protects some sectors like textiles and agriculture through tariffs and subsidies 

Subsidizing the farm products Which leads lower rates at international markets WTO Rulings Benefit America United States has a strong domination in W.T.O 

Examples: 1.Canada removed several restrictions on U.S. wheat exports 2.Egypt removed discriminatory textile tariffs against the U.S. 3.Won WTO case versus Japan's restrictions on U.S. apples.

US CHINA relation  The two sides agreed to intensify policy dialogue and practical cooperation in energy, the environment and climate change building on the China-US Ten Year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework, carry out active cooperation in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy technologies and work with other parties concerned for positive results at the Copenhagen conference.  


This deals allows the US to supply the nuclear fuel and nuclear technology. This benfits largely to U.S. in terms of trade

Negative Factors
€ Consumer € US


unemployment sourcing 2009-14

€ Out € FTP

€ Revival € Multi

in World Economy

Trillion Dollar Economy Behavior

€ Consumer

€ Short

Term: US will be the major Trade Partner Term : Due to FTP 2009-14 there might be decrease of US share with India

€ Long

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