Partnerships For A Safer Community

Neighborhood Watch Program
Presented by The Plainsboro Township Police Department

Neighborhood Watches are all of us

working together to make our

Neighborhood Watches form partnerships so we all can look out for each other.

Neighbors watching out for neighbors.

Neighborhood Watches are citizens uniting to:

Be the eyes and ears
of Law Enforcement
by watching, listening and reporting suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watches are NOT citizens:
* Confronting or questioning suspects *Detaining or arresting criminals *Physically putting themselves in harm’s way

As a partner of the Neighborhood Watch, this is the responsibility of Law Enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch Members MUST:
* Report suspicious activities based on the facts * Be unbiased * Refrain from reporting people as suspicious just because they are of a different: -Ethnic background -Religious belief -Race -Etc.

Neighborhood Watches prevent/deter crime
Examples include:

Burglary Theft Vandalism Assault Rape

Serious crime occurs in New Jersey every 2 minutes 16 seconds!

Neighborhood Watches not only prevent crime in our community, but also can prevent terrorism in our nation.

Neighborhood Watches are the grass roots solution to Homeland Security.

President George W. Bush National Strategy for Homeland Security
…”this is an exceedingly complex mission that requires coordinated and focused effort from our entire society, the federal government, state and local governments, the private sector and the American people.”

How is terrorism funded locally?
Narcotics Robbery & Burglary Counterfeiting Extortion Charities & Businesses Sympathizers

What should citizens know?
• • • • • Terrorism Creates fear and panic Causes disruption in daily activities of the community Harasses our governing bodies Intimidates and demoralizes citizens Forces policy change

• • • • • •

Activities or Behavior Assaults & Murders Arson & Bombings Vandalism Graffiti messages of hate or social disorder Kidnappings & Skyjackings Cyber terrorism

When law enforcement officers patrol your neighborhood they prevent/deter crime and terrorism.

The disadvantages of Law Enforcement patrols are:
They may not know the neighborhood as well as the people who live there. They cannot be everywhere all the time. They may not notice something or someone as being suspicious.

In a successful Neighborhood Watch, there are different responsibilities for each partner: Law Enforcement Watch Captain Neighborhood Watch Member

Optional responsibilities are: Watch Coordinator, Secretary or Treasurer

Law Enforcement's responsibilities
Send out alerts to Neighborhood Watch members. Provide crime prevention resources and training. Conduct regular patrols to prevent/deter crime and terrorism. Confront, interrogate or investigate suspicious persons. Keep members informed of criminal acts in their neighborhoods. Be available for questions. Inform members of upcoming meetings.

Neighborhood Watch Captain’s responsibilities
Helps organize Neighborhood Watch. Oversees watch meetings. Recruits new members. Acts as a liaison between Neighborhood Watch members and Law Enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch Captain’s responsibilities continued...
Keeps phone tree updated with phone number, email address, address and map location for all members. Passes along information to Watch members without email access. Performs the same responsibilities of Watch members.

Neighborhood Watch Members’ responsibilities

Watch and report suspicious activities without bias. Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings. Recruit new members. Email non-emergency complaints or questions to your Law Enforcement sponsor.

Neighborhood Watch Members’ responsibilities continued...
Watches out for neighborhood children and reports problems to parent/police. Assists in community security checks. Assists members on vacation by:
Collect mail and newspaper Watch home Feed pets Cut grass and water flowers

Participates in optional foot or vehicle patrols.

Most Importantly:
Be informed: Read the paper, listen or watch local and national news reports and attend community meetings. Be alert: Be familiar with your environment at home, school, work, church and social events. Be prepared: Have a prepared family plan for emergencies. Create a family first aid kit, attend crime prevention classes and get involved with your local Law Enforcement and crime prevention associations.

The most crucial segment of crime and terrorism prevention is the sharing of information between partners.

Information from:

Citizen to citizen Citizens to Law Enforcement Law Enforcement to citizens Law Enforcement to Law Enforcement

In the Neighborhood Watches of the 21st century, the Internet plays a vital role in sharing of information between all groups. The Internet is the quickest and easiest way to share information with individuals or large groups. As a newly-formed Neighborhood Watch, information can be shared with members through email. Members who do not have email should be informed by the Watch Captain.

For Neighborhood Watches to be effective, each member must take an active role in home security improvements and observation.

The more partners you have, the more successful your Watch will be. You can only effectively watch what you can see.

To be an effective Watch partner you must:
Be committed to watch out for your neighbors. Be an attentive member of your Neighborhood Watch group. Be willing to report suspicious activity. Know how to properly report suspicious activities.

Proper reporting techniques
* If you see suspicious or criminal activity be a

Good Witness
* Call the police and be prepared to give the: WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY HOW

Proper reporting techniques
Properly identify suspicious persons Properly identify suspicious vehicles

Give completed forms to the first Law Enforcement Officer on the scene.

Ways to protect your family and home
* Install quality locking system * Install quality exterior lighting * Keep unattended doors and windows locked * Keep trees and shrubs trimmed * Give emergency numbers to a trusted neighbor

Other ways to protect your family and home
* Videotape or photograph valuables

(place tape or photos in safety deposit box or in a safe place off-site)

* Document model/serial numbers of valuable items
(place document in safety deposit box or in a safe place off-site)

* Engrave valuable items (Operation Identification, window etching) * Ensure all members of your family know what to do in case of emergency

If you are going away
Let a trusted neighbor:
Know where you are and a number that you can be reached Pick up your mail, newspapers or deliveries (or have all deliveries stopped) Feed pets Water plants or grass Etc.

If you are going away (continued)
Notify Law Enforcement for extra patrol while you’re away. Store items of exceptional value in safety deposit box. Put lights and television on a timer. Leave blinds open for a lived-in look.

Let’s get started!
Elect Watch Captain Hand out Neighborhood Watch Community Packets Sign up members Watch for your monthly electronic crime prevention newsletter Set next meeting (within 30 days)

Congratulations on forming your new Neighborhood Watch Group

Together we can and will succeed in making not only our community safe but also our nation!