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”Introduction ”Planning ”Design Specification ”Competitive Benchmark ”Concept Design ”Product Evaluation ”Impact Statement ”Conclusion ”Recommendation

”462 Capstone design ”Design of battery enclosure for Toyota Prius ”Used with existing Hybrid technology to further improve car performance ”Plug-in technology used to double overall vehicle performance


Slide 3 b1 Thought this was a good photo to introduce our sponsor and the space into which our enclosure goes.
balano, 4/28/2008

”Schedule in Microsoft Excel ”Calendar in Yahoo! batterybox group ”Weekly team meetings ”Weekly and daily status reports
ME462 Project Plan Task Assigned Man- hours % To Hours complete complete Inputs 38.5 Jae 1 0 0% 0% Deliverables Specification Definition Description of customers Generate customers requirements Jae 4 0 0% approved PDP ME462 Project Handout sponsor, ME462 Project Handout, who on QFD research, ME462 Project Handout, what on QFD research, what on QFD now, what on QFD approved QFD who on QFD 01-31 01-30 01-24 what on QFD 01-24

Currently Projected Actual Deadline Completion Completion

what on QFD Now v. What on QFD (benchmarks v. requirements) What v. how & how v. how on QFD Now v. How on QFD (benchmarks v. specifications) how v. how much and now v. how much on approved QFD 01-24

Weigh customer requirements Jae Evaluate competition against cust. requirements Matt Generate engineering specifications Matt Evaluate competition against engr. specifications Matt Set targets QFD approval Jae Team




12 6

0 0

0% 0%

01-27 01-28

4 6 5

0 0 0

0% 0% 0%

now, how on QFD now, what, how on QFD QFD

01-28 01-29 01-30

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balano, 4/28/2008

”Maintenance cost ($/year) ”Total cost of prototype ”Trunk space after installation (sq. in) ”Number of battery modules that fit (#) ”Max internal temp at max power draw (deg. C) ”Explosive force experienced without fragmenting (kg TNT)

Pros  Compact  Appearance  Cons  No analysis 

Stress & Thermal 


spare tire solution  No fans

”Jerry¶s Box 
Pros  Cheap  Compact  Cons  Weak Material  No Analysis 

Stress & Thermal 

Dangerous  No


High Strength


+ Rugged Alloy Steel 

High Holding Capacity  7500 lbs  Easy to use  Simple design  Adjustable

Interference check

with trunk interior

” Potential energy contained by batteries equal to 25.2 MJ ” Laws of thermodynamics- pressure that results from complete release of energy equal to 21.58 ksi 
9.6´ thick Al-7075T6 necessary

” BlastWrap data indicates it can absorb 4.9 MJ ” Leaves energy that could result in pressure of 17.38 ksi 
8.4´ thick Al-7075T6 necessary

” This is worst case scenario, and disregards any ventilation also

”Rectangular pressure vessel calculations from ASME Boiler and Pressure Codes ”1/4´ thick Al-7075T6 can handle 22.17 psi. ”This equals about 25.82 kJ. ”Added to energy absorbed by BlastWrap results in total energy designed enclosure can handle= 4.9258 MJ

Thickness (in) Alum 2014T6 0.01 0.1 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.033554634 3.338898164 13.28273245 20.69781195 29.72399151 52.55748475 81.68028005

Pressure (psi) Alum 2024T3 0.030199171 3.005008347 11.9544592 18.62803075 26.75159236 47.30173627 73.51225204 Alum 7075T6 0.035951394 3.57739089 14.23149905 22.17622708 31.84713376 56.3115908 87.51458576

” Hand calculated allowable pressure used ” Bottom of enclosure used as it would experience largest moments ” Symmetry- Forces applied to two sides ” Static Pressure Analysis 
Von Mises Failure


Max stress=60.33 ksi

”Ansys Stress Analysis 
Solid Brick 8 Node

”Ansys Model

45  Aluminum 7075T6  1/10th Scale Model  Boundary Condition  Symmetry Geometry  Applied Pressure = 22.176 Psi

”Free Meshing


”VonMises Stress

”Maximum Stress


Maximum stress: 21226 psi Max ultimate strength of material: >

75000 psi The selected battery enclosure can withstand the calculated explosion force: 22.176 psi

Fluent model boundary conditions


Fluent Boundary Type Enclosure wall Wall Battery module surface Intake Outlet Wall

Parameter and Value

Adiabetic (heat flux = 0)

Constant heat flux 1000 W/m2 (run 1) 50 W/m2 (run 2) Inlet vent T-air = 323 K Exhaust fan p = 3500 Pa

”Fluent mesh

”20C discharge rate

”Velocity Streamlines

”20C discharge rate

Price ($) Grade Ultimate Strength (ksi) Ksi 2014T6 2024T3 7075T6 70 58-63 68-75 4'x12' Unable to obtain $170.95 $153.95 4'x8' unable to obtain $114.54 $117.95

” Al-2014T6 much rarer than expected ” Al-7075T6 is the strongest, then 2014T6, and then 2024T3. ” even with a higher ultimate strength, the price of 7075T6 cheaper than that of 2024T3 ” Aluminum 7075T6 chosen

Bill of Materials
Item Aluminum Sheet (t = 0.025") Aluminum Sheet (t = 0.025") BlastWrap (t = 1.0") Toggle Clamp Fan Vent Metal Feet Attachment Retractable Cord Apparatus Purchasing Information Unit Quantity Price Total

Grade = 7075T6

4'x8' sheet




Grade = 7075T6

4'x4' sheet sqft

1 16 2 2 1

$51.27 $16.00 $64.00 $2.50 $3.99

$51.27 $256.00 $128.00 $5.00 $3.99

CL-500-PA SF-90

piece piece piece








$33.00 Total

$33.00 $668.01

”Enclosing the battery pack safely, securely, and conveniently 
Protection from accidental battery

explosion Reduces customer¶s budget Safety concerns of Toyota Plug-in Hybrid customers Safety concerns of Toyota manufacture

”Satisfied the majority of our sponsor¶s requirements 
Fit in the trunk space and hold two battery

modules inside safely and securely

Hand calculations, Pro-Engineer analysis,

Ansys analysis, and CFD analysis gave the team more confidence

”Satisfied the cost requirement ”will help the future product to be completed satisfactorily.

” BlastWrap is such a new material, even they do not have many solid data points on their material 
Design and conduct small scale tests, utilizing the

BlastWrap during explosions  Compare results to other scaled explosion tests that do not utilize the BlastWrap.

” Possibility to prove its efficiency and more 
Different material could be chosen for the outside of

the enclosure. 

lighter weight

” If tests show BlastWrap not as efficient 
Choose stronger, heavier,

more expensive material 

customer¶s safety.

”Explosion analysis with software 
Live demo  Dynamic analysis

”Ansys Analysis Limitation 
Explosion force simulation  Computer limitation

”Redesign of ventilation system 
Eliminate hot spots

” Presentation on HPEV battery technology echnicalPresentation.pdf ” Lithium Ion Battery http://electronics.howstuffworks. com/lithium-ion-battery1.htm ” Jerry's Battery Box Jerry's battery box, used for competitive benchmarking 0.html ” Hymotion ” Hymotion Installed good view of installation s/26.jpg ” About explosions by Aristatek equation for peak overpressure ons.aspx

” Blast Wrap s/BLGA_AP_12805.pdf ” Blast Wrap specs blastwrap.asp ” Calculating overpressures from BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion 04.08.002 ” Vapor Cloud Explosion Estimates ” Vapor Cloud Explosion Estimates

”Dr. Hazim El-Mounayri 
Through out the whole project

”Dr. Sohel Anwar 
Project Sponsor

”Jack Waddell 
Information of new product ± Blast Wrap

”Dr. Erdal Yilmaz 
CFD Analysis

”TA. Rapeepan Promyoo 
Ansys Modeling