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In 1889 two brothers, André

and Edouard Michelin,
embarked one of the great
human and industrial
adventures of our times: one
that shaped and continues to
drive progress in modern
means of transport through
constant innovation

From the invention of radial tires to

that of Pax System, and from the
first gastronomic guide to the steel
wheel, Michelin has played an
active role at every stage of the
automotive adventure.

Modern Key to
Transport Economic
Development Development A better way forward
landscape of the
• The world's No. 1 tyre producer - with world tire
around 20% market share
• Company employs nearly 125,000
employees across all continents. - Michelin: 17.1%
• Sales network covers 170 countries. - Bridgestone:
• Every year, Michelin's 74 production - Goodyear: 14.9%
sites in 18 countries produce 180 - Continental:
million tyres as well as 22 million maps 5.9%
and guides. - Pirelli: 4.5%
• Best Logo of the Century in 2000

A better way forward

74 production sites in 19 countries

West Europe: 31 sites

East Europe: 7 sites
North America: 19 sites

Asia: 6 sites

Africa: 1 site

South America: 4 sites

A better way forward

Managing Partners: M. Rollier, D. Miraton and JD.
Group Executive Council (GEC)

Car & Light







4 Performance 9 Group Services

A better way forward
A better way forward
• Michelin’s mission is to contribute to the progress
of mobility for both goods and people and beyond
to social progress through an enhanced travelling
experience through greater ease, safety,
efficiency and comfort.
• The company intends to achieve this goal through
the following means:
– constant improvement of performance and quality
– Development to support sustainable mobility
– future modes of transport and research
– delivering appropriate messages to its customers,
enabling positive attitudes towards road safety.
Emblematic Characters

Brands use characters to give there brand a face and an

intangible human-ness that will make consumers personally
engage with their brand and make them feel warmer when
buying the product it represents.
Pepsi cola initially used the character “red
spot” for the soft drink 7-UP

Later it was replaced by character Fido-


The character of Fido-Dido is used to

target the youth.

The character shows

“How cool one feel after drinking 7up”
Nesquik Bunny

In 1973 Nestle introduces the

animated cartooon bunny wearing a
“Q” on his shirt for its brand “Quick”.

The bunny used a phrase familiar to

those that saw the commercials,
“It’s so rich and thick and choco-lick!
But you can’t drink it slow if it’s

Initially he was known as Quicky, the

Nestle Quick Bunny. But later in 1999
when the brand name was changed
to Nesquik, Quiky then became the
Nesquik Bunny. To match the new
name, the “Q” on his shirt was
changed to an “N”.
Ronalds McDonalds
Ronald McDonald is a clown character used as
the primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food
restaurant chain

McDonalds uses this clown character to atract the

Ronald McDonald was popular with kids as soon as
he was introduced in the '60s and he's been
instilling brand loyalty ever since.
Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)
• Corporate Responsibility is a form of
corporate self-regulation integrated into
a business model.

• CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-

regulating mechanism whereby business
ensures their adherence to law, ethical
standards, and international norms.

• It’s the responsibility for the impact of

their business activities on the
environment, consumers, employees,
communities and stakeholders.
Examples of CSR
• Organizations like Unilevers have led the scene in Pakistan
with Arial campaign. Literature maestro Anwar Maqsood
was shown in Advertisements providing giveaways to
Children and other needy individuals.
• Bank Alfalah caught the lime light when they co-organise
the National Squash Championship.
• Similarly ABN-Amro’s initiative to pump-up amateur cricket
was highly regarded by public. And the 20-20 series caught
the viewers’ attention much. This was a much needed
contribution made by the bank in the area of talent
• The contribution made by EBM in supporting varying
causes from cricket, entertainment to youth grooming and
development is a thing to be appraised
• The recent earthquake brought infront examples of
corporate giants contributing towards rehabilitation. Media
leaders like DAWN and Jang are always seen infront in
supporting just causes. Both the organizations started their
NGOs, an outgrowth infact to support the needy affectees.
• DAWN is always supportive for just causes, act as media
sponsor for SIUT, LRBT and most recently gave the due
coverage and publicity to World Social Forum.
Presence in
Michelin Collaboration

In 1981, Anis Tire Corporation joined

hands with Michelin Tires as their
sole distributors for Pakistan and as
the first distributor to import radial
tires in the country. With the help of
the alliance with Michelin, Anis Tire
Corporation revolutionized the tire
Pakistani Parallel
Fauji cement Company Limited
Our Vision
To transform FCCL into a role model cement
manufacturing Company fully aware of generally
accepted principles of corporate social responsibilities
engaged in nation building through most efficient
utilization of resources and optimally benefiting all stake
holders while enjoying public respect and goodwill.
Our Mission
FCCL while maintaining its leading position in quality of
cement and through greater market outreach will build
up and improve its value addition with a view to
ensuring optimum returns to the shareholders.
Our Strategies
We shall achieve our vision by maintaining high quality
product, relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction,
empowering FCCL employees to lead cement industry
and achieve manufacturing excellence, producing
superior returns to our shareholders.
Pakistani Parallel Company
Fauji cement Company Limited
CustomersWe listen to our customers and improve our product
to meet their present and future needs.

People Our success depends upon high performing people

working together in a safe and healthy work place
where diversity, development and team work are
valued and recognized.

Accountab We expect superior performance and results. Our

ility leaders set clear goals and expectations, are
supportive and provide and seek frequent feed back.

Social We support the communities where we do business,

Responsib hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical
ility conduct and environment responsibility, and
communicate openly with public and FCCL
Pakistani Parallel Company
Fauji cement Company Limited
FCCL is committed to protect the Environment by
continual Improvements to comply with
environmental legislation and other Requirements by
adopting well established Environmental Management
System in its process leading to manufacture of
Ordinary Portland Cement.

FCCL therefore strives:

•To reduce overall emissions and contamination.
     -     To achieve continual improvement in the
prevention of Environmental  pollution by adopting
suitable technology and Practices.
     -     To promote Greenery in and around the
     -     To minimize waste, to promote recovery, and
to conserve Natural and Energy resources.
     -     To create awareness among the employees
and surrounding Community for protecting the