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Event Planning Procedure

RS Residence

On the event day
After the event day

1. Prepare event proposal
Communication and promotion

2. Staff arrangement & Team briefing

3. Inventory arrangement
4. Booth setup and product display
5. Administration affairs

1. Event Proposal
An Assigned Event Manager prepare the proposal to get
approval from MD at least 4 weeks before event start included
with below criteria.
1.1 Communication and promotion mechanic
- Call for meeting with WH supervisor, RS BM, Operation
Manager, Accountant to discuss which items to be clear
during event.
- Select items plus promotion mechanic to push sell-out
- Propose layout for booth and product display to designer
- Design promotional material as banner, back-drop, price
tag (A4) base on promotion mechanic
- Schedule posting on social media like Facebook, Like,
Company website
1.2 Budgeting
- Prepare an event budget and monitor your spending
- Submit your event budget 7 days (not include day off and

2. Staff arrangement & Team


Discuss with all RS Branch Manager to allocate their staff to

help during event days
In case of rotate staff from RS branch is not enough, you
have to arrange for recruiting temporarily staff.
Assign job and duty to each staff
Prepare event organization chart
Set schedule for staff who will work during event
Set schedule for team briefing and inform to relevant staff
Call for team briefing 2 days before event start

3. Inventory arrangement

Prepare list of items to sell then send to PRI WH Supervisor at least 7

days (not include day off and public holiday) before event start
PRI WH Supervisor need to check all items in order list, if dont have
on hand you need to check with RS branch for those items then return
back if need.
If theres out of stock for order items, PRI WH supervisor need to
inform back to Event Manager for acknowledgement and revise if
After received all items from RS branch, PRI WH supervisor need to
allocate space for order items and prepare to be finished 2 days
before event start.
All items are delivered to event location need to have proper
Invoice/Delivery Note signed by Deliver, PRI WH Supervisor, Truck WH
Controller and Event Manager. Invoice with 4 copies White/Green for
PRI AC (send by deliver), Pink for Truck WH Controller, Yellow for PRI
WH Supervisor.

4. Booth setup & product


Refer to approved design on layout and product display

Event Manager inform to PRI WH Supervisor to delivery
stock to event location
Event Manager arrange staff to setup booth and product
display as schedule
Booth and product display need to completely setup before
event start time

5. Administration affairs
Check with event organizer
On date and time to setup booth
To get gate pass for staffs, entry pass for truck
On security control

Accessories need

Invoice book, calculator, pen, inventory book

Hand bag, drinking water, cooler
Exchange cash
POSM Material: Leaflet, X Stand, Promotion price tag

On the event day



Gathering staffs for full briefing on activities

All staffs need to arrive 30 minutes before event time
Event Manager briefs again on promotion and what
activities to do during event
Look around booth to see product display, price tag,etc.
Check with Cashier on Invoice book, exchange cash,
Calculator, Pen
Check with Stock Controller on current stock available and
plan to refill to minimum balance
Inventory management
In case out of stock, Event Manager check with RS
branch then RS staff delivery to customer house and
summary report to claim money from Event.
In case display stock not enough need to return from RS
branch, Event Manager request to RS branch to do
stock return. RS branch do summary report to clear

On the event day

All items are delivered to event location need to have
proper Invoice/Delivery Note signed by RS Branch
Manager, Deliver, Truck WH Controller and Event
Manager. Invoice need 2 copies (RS Branch, Truck WH
All items are delivered to event location need to record
stock-in by Truck WH Controller before delivery to display
at booth.
6. At the end of day activities
Counting cash sales for reporting and deposit to bank
tomorrow morning. After deposit send deposit slip to
WhatsApp group.
Event Manager need to summary daily sales report
signed by Cashier and Event Manager then send to
WhatsApp group.
Event Manager need to control stock every end of day
Summary feedback from customers on promotion

After the event day





Event Manager clear return stock with PRI WH Supervisor

1st day after event (cant delay).
1st day after event, inform to RS Branch Manager, PRI AC,
Truck WH Controller and PRI WH Supervisor to combine
document for meeting at 2nd day after event.
After meeting prepare summary report as below:
Sales report by day and all event days
Sales by items summary by day and all event days
Inventory summary
If theres lost items cant find
If lost at Truck WH, 70% penalty to Truck WH Controller,
30% Event Manager.
If lost at Booth, 70% All staffs, 30% Event Manager.
3rd day after event, submit clear claim report to PRI AC
(cant delay).