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Microsoft offers several tools that transform the info

associated with company into an advice. These tools may be
used together with the interface of Visual Studio. With the
start of SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence development
Studio (BIDS) was shifted to SQL Server Data Tools
(SSDT).Database Management Systems (DBMSs) are
particularly, tailored software applications which
communicates using the user, other programs as well as the
database itself to record and assess the data. A DBMS that is
general is a system of applications which is designed in ways
it enables creating, defining, querying, updating and
managing the databases.


MSBI is divided into 3 categories:SSIS SQL Server Integration Services

Integration tool.
SSAS SQL Server Analytical Services
-Analysis tool.
SSRS SQL Server Reporting Services
Reporting tool.


SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS):

SSIS is the ETL tool from Microsoft.

Integration Services is a platform for building high-performance

data integration and workflow solutions, including extraction,
transformation and loading (ETL) operations for data warehousing.

We can process the data from various locations and various

formats (source locations) and save the data into a centralized
repository as a Data Warehouse/Data Mart (destination).


SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS)

This is the process of converting two dimensional (rows and

columns/OLTP) data into multi-dimensional data model (OLTP). This will
help you to analyze the large volume of data.

Some of the advantages:

Multi-dimensional analysis
Key performance Indicator (KPI)
Score card
Slice, dice, drill down functionalities
Good performance

Course Description

What Is Microsoft BI?

Core concept BI is the cube or

Example cube as seen using Excel

pivot table

MS BI is comprehensive more
than Analysis Services on SQL

Demonstration of SQL
Reporting Services with cube as
data source

OLAP Modeling
Modeling source schemas
stars and snowflakes
Understanding dimensional
modeling Dimensions (Type
1, 2, or 3) or rapidly changing

Understanding fact
(measures) and cube modeling

Other types of modelingdata

mining etc

Course Description

Using SSAS in BIDS

Understanding the
development environment

Creating Data Sources and Data

Source Views

Creating cubes using the

UDM and the Cube Build

Refining Dimensions and

Measures in BIDS

Intermediate SSAS


Translations cube metadata and

currency localization

Actions regular, drill-through and


Advanced SSAS

Using multiple fact tables

Course Description

Modeling intermediate fact tables

Modeling M:M dimensions, Fact

(degenerate) dimensions, Roleplaying dimensions, write back
Modeling changing dimensions
Dimension Intelligence w/ Wizard
Using the Add Business
Intelligence Wizards write-back,
semi-additive measures, time
intelligence, account intelligence

Cube Storage and Aggregation

Storage topics basic aggregations,

Advanced Storage Design MOLAP,


Partitions relational and Analysis

Services partitions

Customizing Aggregation Design

Processing Design

Rapidly changing dimensions /

ROLAP dimensions

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