Colors is a Hindi language Indian general entertainment channel based in Mumbai  A part of the Viacom 18 family.  It was launched on July 21, 2008.  Huge popularity just after its launch  Successful ratings- received a 2nd position among other Hindi general entertainment channels within a little while, such as Zee TV, Sony TV, Star One, and Sahara One. 

Currently, the channel is featuring a number of successful shows, such as Balika Vadhu, Na Aana Is Des Laado.  Balika Vadhu was ranked in the TOP 5 shows of Indian television's TRPs charts, within 3 months of its launch.  Colors has launched in America on the Dish Network in February 2010, where it is called Aapka Colors. 

Colors will launch in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Sky Digital in early 2010.  Colors secured a deal to join the VIEWASIA subscription package

Market Share

Ratings post launch
7% 21% 45%
Star Plus Sony Zee



Ratings after 1 year

Market Share
GAINING VIEWERS (channel share in %) Sep 28 to 4-Oct Star Pl s 22 Colors 20 Zee TV 17 Sony Ent. TV 8 Star One 8 NDTV Imagine 6 Sahara One 6 9X 5 SAB 3 DD1 3 Star Utsav 2 Zee Next 0 So rce: TAM Peoplemeter System Target: Cable and satellite viewers (4 years and above) Hindi-speaking markets Channel 

GEC market has grown by 37% after the launch of colors Colors market share was 20 % as compared to Star Plus which was 22% 

Within 10 weeks Colors managed to gain more than 100 advertisers The awareness transcended into unprecedented loyalty 

Colors reached 100 GRP s in only its 2nd week (August) a. KKK had a TRP of 2.57% in that week b. Balika Vadhu had 1.34% and Jai Sri Krishna had a rating of 1.03% Colors achieves a 20% share in genre GRP s (it continues to do so, increasing to its tally); In 10th Week (October) it grabs 2nd position with 235 GRP s. Strong performers this time are Bigg Boss 2 and Balika Vadhu (6.5% TVR)

Market wise performance of the top 6 GEC s 

Another interesting source tapped by Colors in its quest for GRP s was Movies. Showcasing of recent blockbusters at non-conventional times.

5 C s of Marketing

Colors channel is a joint venture operation in India between Viacom Inc. and Network18 Group. Colors, earlier a free to air (FTA) channel, has recently gone pay. Paid 5-10 % more than the others on cable distribution so that Colors sat between the prime channels

MSM Discovery Private Limited ( MSMD ) is the designated agent to distribute Colors in India as part of the coveted TheOneAlliance ( TOA ) bouquet.  IPL ties up with Colors

Major competitors: Star Plus, Zee and Sony Power in the hands of the cable operator Pay carriage fee to view a channel Spend more and expect half in return

Product lines : fiction, mythology, reality Image in the market: entered as a challenger, now leader Skills: innovative content, disruptive scheduling Goal: to be a profitable market leader

Created thought provoking subject-based shows like Balika Vadhu, Uttaran and Na Ana Is Des Laado Reality shows with a difference like Khatron Ke Khiladi, Big Boss and now the latest BINGO Gives the viewers an expanded choice Scientific scheduling for eg: Balika Vadhu (multiple entry points)

Political issues: notice was sent to Colors Channel for allegedly portraying the character of a district magistrate in negative light in the serial. Social Issues: shocking scenes of a girl child being immersed in a big bowl of milk , created a social outburst Extra working hours of the children

Swot Analysis

Shows from all walks of life

WEAKNESS Strong competitors A new channel with teething problems Trying to capture an already captivated part of audience

A fresh outlook on everything New themes and Ideas

O ORTUNITY A lot of untapped market A new generation with different taste in TV Brand Loyalty in Indians THREATS Failure Immediate acceptance Difficulty in looking for new grounds Copy Cats

Marketing Mix
‡ Product Innovative Daily soaps touching altogether different emotional buds of women viewers ‡ Price -- Prices offered to advertisers were very attractive as the channel got more than 100 advertisers within 2 months of its launch

Marketing Mix
‡ Place -- Viacom18 is said to have given away Rs 100 crore as carriage fee for a year to get the best band for its channel ‡ Promotion Innovative promotion

BCG Matrix

Balika Vadhu, Uttaran, Na a aana is des Laado Bhagya Vidhaata

Bingo, Aise karo naa vidaa, agni pariksha Jeevan ki ganga Jai shri krishna

Ansoff Matrix


Porter s 5 force model





Strategic Competitive Analysis - Challenger
‡ Product innovation. ‡ Distribution innovation. ‡ Intensive advertising promotion. ‡ A challenger s success depends on combining several strategies to improve its position over time.

Target market
‡ Fiction serials-middle aged women ‡ Mythology-older people ‡ Reality-all viewers

Marketing environment

‡Competitive-Star plus, sony, ndtv imagine,etc.


ct Li e

Reality shows

Balika Va , Uttara , Na aa a iss es laa

K atr ke K ila i, Big ss, Nati al Bi g ig t

Jai s ri Kris a, Ma avir a ma

Launching colors
‡ Launching high profile program on day1

Launching colors
‡ Reality shows on weekends. ‡ Achieving Distribution and TRP ratings.

Product Life Cycle

Competitive strategy
‡Challenger ‡Product innovation. ‡Upcoming shows-

Difference between Colors and other GEC s
Other channels Started with regular fiction shows Started with 2 reality shows with a bang Promoted only 1 show on launch Brand embassador Started socially sensitive shows Reality shows on weekends yes Colors no

no no Mostly no no yes

yes Yes (KKK) yes yes no

Perceptual mapping
High Innovative content



Consumer acceptance low

DD national

Star plus,NDTV Imagine,SAB tv,Sahara one,Zee tv,

Consumer acceptance high

low Innovative content

Consumer adoption process
1. Awareness± Ensured media coverage in newspapers ± Wanted to be on front page rather than on entertainment pages ± Selection of brand embassadors ± Generated PR comparable to around Rs.50 cr. of regular advertising Thus,generated massive awareness but with low cost

2. Interest
Treats India and Bharat as two different entities Evaluation Sampling with KKK Trial After the hype created by KKK,and Big Boss,the audiences were hooked to fiction,and mythology 5. Adoption or rejection ± Was the 2nd most watched GEC with 10 weeks of launch,considering the fact it was the 11th channel to enter the segment

± 3. ± 4. ±

Segmentation based on observable characteristics of customers

15-24 yrs Lady of the house Bharat India
Do sampling Key to single TV households Attracted to fiction Afternoon slot 7-9pm Skew towards smaller towns 9-10pm-equal division Post 10pm-metros

Major segmentation variables used



demographi c

psychograp hic

Target marketing process
Identify markets with unfulfilled needs. (socially sensitive issues,mythology & saas-bahu with a difference) Discover segments on the basis of consumer characteristics (treating Bharat &India as different entities)
Analyse segment potential & finalise segments to target (variety of shows targetting various segments of audience)

Create a distinctive positioning in the minds of consumers

Differentiate product offering from competitors (differentiated content & disruptive scheduling)


Positioned as a GEC ( General Entertainment Channel) with a difference  A channel that was not only rich in color but rich in life  The tagline of the channel is Jasbaat Ke Rang signifying the universal appeal of its programmes. 

FOR- General Entertainment Channel POD- GEC with a difference, Jasbaat ke rang Consumer Insight- Launching new shows, knowing viewers are bored of regular fare RTB- Top ratings by TAM Adopted Brand Endorsement Strategy

Branding Strategies

Branding Strategies

The logo of Colors is fresh & welcoming  Yellow is associated with the sun - and hence optimism, warmth and happiness.  Pink is youthful, fun and exciting.  Purple, a mix of red and blue, it evokes mystery

Branding Strategies 
The use of small caps in the title indicates openness, a welcoming attitude  The leaf like motif is very Indian in its design. Its pattern is also reminiscent of the pattern of a peacock feather, which in turn is a symbol of Lord Krishna

Branding Strategies 
The logo of the channel also includes the name of the Parent Company ie, Viacom 18 Done in order to establish credibility, since its their first GEC channel  Secondary Endorsement Approach However such branding is absent in logos of other channels of the network like, MTV, Nickelodeon

Promotional Strategies

6 M s Model of Communication
Market: Mission: Message: Media: Money: General Public To generate Curiosity about the channel & shows Watch Colors TV, Newspapers, Hoardings, Dabbawalas, SMS Spent more than Rs. 50 crore on initial promotion

Measurement: Initial viewership

Promotional Strategies 
Colors left no stone unturned in its Promotion of its various shows & the channel itself Used all media such as TV, radio, print, websites, mobiles, movie theaters and outdoor for promoting the channel It placed 1300 hoardings and launched road shows across the country 

Promotional Strategies 
65000 ad spots booked on TV while 15 million SMSs sent across all telecom operators  3000 taxis in Mumbai and 2000 auto rickshaws in small towns along with local trains and school buses painted with Colors brand. The efficient dabba service in Mumbai used to disburse the channel message

Promotional Strategies
Programme Specific Marketing 

Colors tied up with ISKCON for promoting its mythological show Jai Sri Krishna at all ISKCON temples. For the show Mohe Rang De, Colors chose Punjab and Delhi to organize street plays as these plays were the maximum witness to freedom struggle.

Promotional Strategies 
The channel teamed up with around 2 lakh dabbawalas, who wore masks with Akshay's face printed on them, while delivering food. Foot over bridges were branded with messages such as 'Crossing railway tracks is unwise, for real stunts watch FearFactor'. Tied up with coffee outlet chain Barista to launch a Fear Factor special edition coffee, called F2.

Promotional Strategies 
Colors also partnered with Barista for special Bigg Boss meals and Big Bazaar outlets for different promotional offers. In Mumbai, some announcements adorning the Bigg Boss voice were made on railway platforms 35 million SMSs sent across operators, announcing the start of Bigg Boss.

Recent strategy during IPL
VIEWERSHIP IN THE LAST TWO YEARS IPL 2008 Genre Hindi GEC Hindi movies* IPL 2009 Genre Hindi GEC Hindi movies* March 14 to April 17 Share % before IPL 25.9 12 April 18 to May 24 Share % during IPL 23.3 18.5 Growth/decline % -10 54 Feb 19 to April 9 Share % before IPL 22.9 9.4 April 10 to June 1 Share % during IPL 20.6 16.7 Growth/decline % -10 77

*Hindi movies had an increase in the genre since IPL was on Max, which is a movie-based channel Source: Tam

‡ Launched IPL ROCKSTAR ‡ Colors is trying to safeguard its viewership by joining hands with IPL to launch a series of entertainment initiatives, such as, a music competition to be held in cricket stadiums. ‡ Also showing recent movies on weekends. ‡ Fashion show by players, showing the work of 50 designers


Top reasons for being successful
‡ Differentiated content ‡ Disrupted scheduling ‡ Smart spending

After being super-successful, next goal for Colors is-

‡ To maintain/increase the market share ‡ Continue innovative content

There are very few examples in the history of business, where a new player enters a highly competitive market and defeats the established players ..and COLORS just proves this!

Case Presenters :
Rohini Narayan 63 Raj Pandya 70 Rutika Patil 72 Prachi Sheth 103 Namrata Singh-- 105

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