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Role of cyber world

for physical world

Team Members
Hamza Ali Syed (FA12-BSE-031)
Hamza Imtiaz Malik (FA13-BSE-039)
Saad Zafar (FA13-BSE-160)
Hafiz Muhammad Usman Siddique (FA13BSE-080)
Fatima Zahra Jabeen (FA13-BSE-017)

Cyber World
Cyber means relating to or characteristic of the
culture of computers, information technology,
and virtual reality.
And collectively Cyber World means,
theworldof computers and communications. It
implies today's fast-moving, hightechnologyworld.

Physical Life
And the other part of this topic is physical
life which refers to the life in which we live
in i.e. routine life and the circumstances we
face in our life, is relevant to Physical life.

Role of Cyber World

Cyber World is being involved in our lives very massively, the
person being addicted to this would feel himself incomplete
without it, as described in its definition Cyber World is
referred to the World of Computers, Information Technology
and Internet , so our daily lives are being populated by these
kind of stuff gradually with the passage of time, our main
focus is on internet that one cannot think about the life
without the involvement of internet for the sake of
communication and other purposes as Cyber World involves
huge contexts in this presentation we would discuss some of
them, mainly referring to Internet and Social Media.

Positive Roles
The positive role involves the ease of our work and time saving, and the
promotion and propagation of research work and ease in communication,
across the borders and overseas some of the roles listed are:
1. Communication
One of the main goals of the internet is to connect people. With social media,
emails, chats, and other avenues you can instantly communicate and get to
know people from all over the world. This has aided the world in beginning to
bridge the culture gap that exists.
2. Information
Anything you could ever want to know can be found on the internet, and
comically simply. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have given
people the access to all of the information in the world. This is greatly
beneficial for students, researchers, and anybody seeking to gain knowledge
on a subject.

Positive Roles
3. Entertainment
It is becoming a growing focus for internet users. You can use the
internet to play games, stream videos, listen to music, and even read
books. This may be why everyone is so glued to the screens.
4. Comfort
The internet makes everything convenient. You can purchase just
about anything, and communicate with people without having to leave
your room.
5. New economic methods are made
Another big thing the internet has changed is business. It
has become the biggest marketing tool, ever. People can also make
purchases on the internet, meaning that anyone can be a business owner.

Negative Roles
1. Personal Information Compromised
People often put a wealth of their personal information on the
internet, without thinking of the consequences. Identity theft has
dramatically risen since the internet made its appearance in a
mainstream setting.
2. Inadequate Content
There are no limits of what can be put on the internet, it is a tool
that is open to anybody and everybody. Very violent, culturally
explicit, and other illegal things can be easily accessed for
viewing using the internet.

Negative Roles
3. Addiction
Social media, online games, and other time consuming
things are beginning to take over the youth. They spend
more time in their virtual life than they do in their real
4. Wide Spread Audience
While this may seem like a pro to many, I consider it a
major con. Things can travel astoundingly quickly on the
internet. This provokes people to purposefully danger
themselves or other in order to gain some viral fame.

Cyber World is mostly referred

with Crime
I had mostly seen Cyber name associated with Crime,
i.e. Cyber Crime terminology is listened frequently, let
us see that what is cyber crime i.e. Offences that are
committed against individuals or groups of individuals
with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the
reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental
harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using
modern telecommunication networks such as Internet
(Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and
mobile phones (SMS/MMS)"

As good and bad aspects are being attached
with everything is also attached with Cyber
World, but we being humans have an authority
to use it negatively or positively, one must have
self-controlling ability to tackle illicit use of
Cyber World, by taking measures to secure
ourselves, and also ensuring that others might
not negatively affected by our actions.