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Definition of Port
Port is a a place that consists of land and sea that

has boundaries, as a place for government and

economic activity that is used for ship lean,
anchored, dip passengers on board and unloading
of goods

Functions of the Port

implement smoothness, security and control

traffic flow ship

ensure the security and safety of navigation
facilitate intra or inter-modal transfer
encourage national and regional economy

National Port Order

port as shipping organizers,

providing port
services, the implementation of government
activities, and other activities in a unified system

port arranged in one unified national port order to

realize the implementation of the port, which is

reliable and highly capable, ensure national
efficiency, and have global competitiveness in
order to support national development

Types of Port
Port according to its activities :
seaports, river port, port for crossing
Port according to its role :
transportation network, the gateaway of

economic activity, place for inter-mode

transit, supporting industry and trade
activities ,etc.

Port according to its stage and hierarchy :

Gateaway port : serves as an entry-exit gate for

export or import goods


Collector port : serves as a collection point for

goods to be transported


Trunk port : serves as a producer of commodities

that support sea freight to the port collector


according to its functions :

goverment activities, port service
activities, regional service activities, port
support activities
Port according to its size/capability :
international port hub, international ports,
national ports, regional ports, local ports

Types of Port (cont...)

Characteristics of international port hub : near to

international market, near to international

shipping, high volume of loading and unloading
Characteristics of national port : can accommodate
national shipping, meet national needs,encourages
national development
Characteristics of local port (small) : meet local
needs, facilitate local trade, providing short
distance transport

Implementation of the Activities in

the Port
Government functions/responsibilities:
customs, imigration, quarantine,
shipping safety and security
Port authorities functions/responsibilities:
provide services / place ship docked,
pilotage, provide loading and unloading
goods service( worker/labour , crane , etc)

Standard Facilities

Facilities for Ship :

retaining wave, breakwaters, pier, navigation aids,

docks, waveguides, tug boat, guide ships, buoys, etc.


for goods/passengers :

transit warehouse, yard, passenger terminals, loading

and unloading equipment, etc.

Transportation facility :
roads, parking lots, rail networks, etc.

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