KOR rules

Nevada Union High School

Return set up (text color coated)

Front line ± 5 across (left return)
‡ Blocks L3 in towards the field ± gets depth based on how deep the kick is ± peels back over his left shoulder and lines up the block. Should be making the block 25 yards down field (again«depending on the depth of the kick) Get hands on the hip of the KO team player and run him inside the hash Blocks L4 ± uses the same techniques as the L3 blocker Block R5/K ± if the K goes down field to tackle he takes him. If not he peels down the middle of the field and looks to block R5. He attempts to keep R5 in the middle of the field or to the off hash Runners ± they sprint to the left hash and turn up the field. These two are looking for people getting through the ³wash´. They need to look for the front of players«DON¶T CLIP. A key point is«if the returner is clear..gone«for a TD«these two need to turn and run with the returner if they didn¶t have to make a block

‡ ‡ ‡

Second line ± 2 across (left return)
‡ Blocks L2 ± most important block ± blocks L2 in. What is difficult is that he needs to get wider than L2 and really push the player in towards the hash and beyond. He must get the most movement of the man he is blocking. He must get his head in front and make sure he isn¶t going to clip the man he¶s blocking. ‡ Block L5 ± must sprint to the right depth and pick off R5. Must be a fairly fast player to peel around and get to R5. Players can either peel underneath R5 or around. They need to just get there.

Second line ± 2 across (left return)

‡ Blocks L1 ± the only player that blocks somebody out. He uses his outside shoulder and blocks with his head upfield. He must wait for the timing of the return. He must be kicking out his player as the returner with the ball is coming near him. He must not make the block too early. ‡ Personal Protector (PP) ± waits until the reverse is clean. If NOT a clean reverse he is responsible for picking up a fumble. If the return is clean he must sprint through the open lane and block the first threat he says. Hopefully the lane opens clean and the only person left is the safety (usually the kicker).

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