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England.m.An account fromdied the When Edward diary of aMary Londoner in 1553 written at the time that became Queen of Mary became Queen. bells and She that night had bonfires become were lit and known as tables placed in the street ‘Bloody and people ate. Many ‘Mary peoplewas were proclaimed Queen of delighted. Mary’. forward There were bonfires to better days under and tables in every Mary. drank and made merry. All the crownedin churches Queenrang 5 years London their earlier. street and wine and beer and ale. There England.’ . St.’ An account from the diary of a However the Londoner written atcelebrations the time that at her death Mary died. The ceremony throughout took place inLondon. France and were lots of Ireland on 19 July celebrations 1553. in 1558 were ‘On 17greater November even between five and than when she six a. The people were and Paul’s with songs glad to seeplaying the endand of the organ Edward’s the bells ringing harsh rule throughout and looked London. Queen had been Mary died.

a man who she had loved for a long time – Philip II of Spain .Mary was desperate for a husband she found one in 1554.



by God’s grace. Then they brought a lighted stick. and play the man. as I trust shall never be put out. and laid the same down at Ridley’s feet.Many Martyrs died under Mary’s orders Latimer & Ridley are burnt alive at Oxford in the year 1555. Master Ridley.” (Foxe's Book of Martyrs) . in England. We shall this day light such a candle. “Be of good comfort. upon which Latimer said.

rolling into the crowd .Thomas Crammer being burnt at the stake Sometimes peoples fingers and toes would fall off as they were being burnt.

to carry on making Catholic changes to England after her death . an heir.Mary needed a baby.

This made Mary extremely uncomfortable until she died in 1558 .Philip and Mary thought that she was pregnant – but it was a false alarm – a tumour in the stomach.

Also he had affairs with lots of other women. The poem ridicules the fact that nothing with grow inside her. her stomach pains were a symptom of cancer. this was called cuckolding. she soon found out she wasn’t pregnant at all. And pretty maids all in a row A poor taste in music Mary enjoyed listening to the sound of church bells. If a person is contrary it often means they are taking a different view just for the sake of it. Mary quite contrary. How does your garden grow? Pregnant … or not? Mary longed for a baby. Mary was accused of being awkward by wanting to change England back to a Catholic country. And cockleshells. In Tudor England. King Philip hardly ever saw her during their marriage. Problems in childbirth Mary was rumoured to have had some children. Changing her mind Contrary means opposite. This music was unfashionable at the time. She was delighted when she thought she was pregnant soon after marrying her husband. but each little girl was stillborn – Mary was suppose to have them buried secretly in a long row of graves With silver bells King Philip of Spain – the love rat Mary’s husband wasn’t very loving. However.Mary. .