IGI Securities Limited




IGI Securities ± Introduction

Established 1994, as Finex Securities Limited. Acquired by IGI Investment Bank in January 2006.

‡ Pakistan¶s leading and best capitalized brokerage firms.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Strong business relationships with corporate clients. Corporate structure backed by professional management. Product Innovation supported by cutting edge technology. IGI presence of 50 years. Karachi Stock Exchange Lahore Stock Exchange National Commodity Exchange Limited Financial Markets Association of Pakistan Strong distribution capabilities with presence at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Gujranwala & Peshawar.


Strong Distribution

Executive Summary
A unique online and mobile trading service provided by IGI Finex securities Limited.

A person is able to trade at Karachi stock exchange from anywhere in the globe. A secure, efficient and convenient facility for trading and investment in Karachi Stock exchange.

Funds Transfer facility available for instant remittance with on line withdrawal request.

Table Of Content
Market Situation y SWOT and Issue Analysis y Objectives y Marketing Strategies y Forecast and Budgeting y Implementation and Controlling

Target Markets
All those customers who have been receiving home remittance from abroad. Customers which are currently availing this facility from other Banks. Targeting those customers will boost our customer base resulting in enhancing our profit.

Current Market Situation
Pakistani Residents settled abroad earning foreign exchange and sending them to their family. Residents of small towns will appreciate this new product more as banking facilities are not advanced in small towns.

The family members living in Pakistan receiving home remittance (parents, housewives and children studying in various educational institutions)

Market needs
Currently Money gram and Western Union are providing almost similar facility .

Greater need exists in the market for the same facility via commercial bank which is more safe and secure as banks provide more security of funds than any other financial agency.

Market Trends
Design and market a product which is new and simultaneously facilitates the customers. Compete with Money Gram and Western Union .

Market Growth
I-Trade has a great potential as the market growth is very much. Figures released by State Bank show a great improvement in the amount remitted by Pakistanis from abroad.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weakness Opportunity Threats

Marketing Objectives
Providing high value services to customers. Penetrating into a new business product.

Financial Objectives
Improving Profitability of the Bank Reducing administrative cost by capturing more customers.

Marketing Strategies
Mission Positioning Strategies Marketing Mix Marketing Research

Forecasts and Budgeting
Forecast of how much bank is going to incur and how much profit is expected by launching this new product.

Break-even Analysis Sales Forecast

Implementation and control
The marketing department will adhere to the program and implement the marketing plan in a shortest possible time with great accuracy.

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