Hands to Hands

Manos a Manos

H to H

Man nan Man

Huntington to Haiti
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ~Dr. Seuss

Where in the world is Haiti?

Haiti is a small country on the island of Hispanola. Haiti is very close to Florida.
Haiti is also close to El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

Haiti has beautiful mountains and beaches

Fond des Blancs is a rural village in Haiti

The kids who live in Fond des Blancs like to…


dance learn

…and be silly!!!!!

Just like you do!

But most people who live in Haiti are very poor.

Haiti is the 3rd hungriest country in the world

Most families in Haiti do not have enough money to eat every day

Many families in Fond des Blancs, Haiti have to walk more than 2 hours


Most families in Fond des Blancs, Haiti  live together  in small huts
 

With no electricity
e to stov or a on ook c

or an indoor bathroom or a place to sit and sometimes not even a bed to sleep on

In Haiti, families have to pay money to send their children to school

 

Most  children in Fond Des Blancs cannot afford to  go to school.

Do you want to reach out your hands to help the children in Fond des Blancs?
Jamie? Jason? Jesus?
Ma issa? r

aul? R Claudia? ucy? L

Peyton ?

R ? iva? l sabe I Jack ? Andrea?





Mariela ? Colin?

How Can Mr. Crimi’s Class Help?
 $ 10 will pay for one soccer ball for the children of Fond des Blancs

 $50 will pay for one child to go to  school for one year  this includes: a uniform notebooks pencils one meal every day (which is usually the only meal they eat for the day)

What will we do to raise this money?
It is not only important to give money. It is even more important to give of ourselves.

Donation Amount:

s a For M a n o donation , I will : your s

Hands to Mn o H a a nd s

H to H

Hunting t o n a nt o M H ani n i at


Mr. Crimi’s 2nd Grade Class… Making friendships in Fond des Blancs, Haiti

1.Ask an adult you trust if you can do a special chore or job for them 2. Write the job on an envelope 3. Ask them to write a $ amount they will donate if you do the job well 4. Do the chore WITH YOUR BEST EFFORT! 5. Collect the money and put it in the envelope 6. Bring the envelope into school and watch our fund grow!

Some suggestions…….. Make another family member’s bed (mom, dad, brother, sister) Clean you brother or sister’s room a book to an older or Read younger video games or TV for Give up person a day table or do the dishes Set the without being told. Take out the garbage Help with dinner

Make your brother or sister’s bed Write a thank you to someoneawho deserves it. Bring in neighbor’s trash cans cans for recycle Collect Make a poem or a picture for an older person Bring in the groceries Make mom or dad breakfast in bed

Will you work hard? 

Helping others is hard work.


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