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The Excretory System

Chapter 13 Section 3
The Organs of the Excretory System

l The excretory system collects wastes produced by cells and

removes the wastes from the body
l Excretion- process of removing wastes
l Urea- chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins
l Kidneys- 2 major organs that eliminate urea, excess water,
and some other waste materials
l Urine- watery fluid produced by kidneys that waste is
eliminated in
l Ureters- two narrow tubes from which urine flows from the
kidneys to the urinary bladder
l Urinary bladder- a sacklike muscular organ that stores urine
l Urethra- small tube from which urine leaves the body
The Excretory System
The Kidney

The Filtering Process
l Kidneysact as filters
l Nephrons- tiny structures that remove
wastes from blood and produce urine
Filtering Out Wastes
l Blood flows from the kidneys
through arteries to capillaries
in a nephron
l Capillaries are surrounded by a
capsule connected to a long
l In the capillary cluster, urea,
glucose, other chemicals,
and some water move out of
the blood and into the
Formation of Urine

l Urine forms from the filtered

material that passes into the
l Filtered materials flow through the
long, twisting tube
l As liquid moves through the tube,
many needed substances are
reabsorbed into the blood stream
l Urea and other wastes remain in the
l Fluid remaining in the tube is urine
Analyzing Urine for Signs of Disease

l Chemical analysis of urine can be

useful in detecting some
medical problems
l Urine normally contains no
glucose or protein
l Glucose in urine may indicate
l Protein in urine can be a sign of
kidneys not functioning properly
Water Balance in the Body

l The excretory system helps

maintain homeostasis by
regulating the amount of water in
the body
l Your excretory system maintains
the amount of water needed in
the body by excreting excess
fluid and reabsorbing needed
Other Organs of Excretion

l Most wastes produced by the body

removed through the kidneys
l Other organs of excretion are the
lungs, skin, and liver
l Lungs excrete carbon dioxide and
l Skin excretes wastes through
l The liver breaks down wastes before
they are excreted; old RBC
hemoglobin recycles to bile
l What is the function of the excretory system?
l Describe the two stages of urine formation.

l What roles do the lungs, skin, and liver play in excretion?

l How do the kidneys help regulate the amount of water in the body?