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Video How to peer H.

323 VoIP
APAN Korea August 2003
ViDe.Net sponsored international root H.323 Gatekeepers

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Overview of H.323 routing

Gatekeepers in a hierarchy
What is a dialplan?
Who is ViDe.Net?
ViDe.Net sponsored international root
How to peer with the roots.
The future: ENUM
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Overview of H.323 routing



A A R N et
In te r n e t w ith
Q o S b a n d w id th

H323 Voice


Translate telephone numbers to IP

H.323 Terminal

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advanced IP

Routing in H.323

Is done by Gatekeepers.
Gatekeepers turn Telephone numbers (eg 61
2 6222 3555) and H.323 aliases
( into IP Addresses
(similar to the DNS service).
Gatekeepers can be configured in a
hierarchy, just like DNS servers.
Gatekeepers/H.323 does not easily handle
different dialplans, so best settle on one
dialplan, internationally!
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Australian PSTN (Telephone) Number Plan example

H.323 can not easily change from one dialplan to another


44 2 6222 3555

3744 222202 6222 3555

0011 44 2 6222 3555

0 0011
2 6222
0 0023744
IP Phones
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IP Call

Who is, ViDeNet comes from the Latin word vide,
meaning "to see, and ViDeNet is a virtual network that helps
individuals from around the planet to see and hear one
The key is the co-operation and co-ordination of people who
run Gatekeepers.
The key is the acceptance of a global Dialing Scheme
(dialplan). The ViDe.Net dialplan is based on the
International Telephone Dialplan (ITU-t E.164) with 00 in the
front. So E.164 +61 2 6222 3555 would be a ViDe.Net 00 61
2 6222 3555.
ViDe.Net have sponsored 4 international root Gatekeepers
(like the DNS roots), two in USA, one in Wales, and the other
in Australia for the Asia/Pacific time zone.
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H.323 Gatekeeper hierarchy

International root
Gatekeeper mesh
and AARNet sponsored in Asia

Gatekeeper in "routed mode", or

Back-to-back IP Gateway

Australian root

to do number plan translation

AARNet public

Video conference device

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H.323 proxy
in parallel with Firewall


IP Phone
Call Server

Gatekeeper details
International roots
There are four.
Each is a redundant pair of Radvision ECS Gatekeepers in direct
mode. Asia pacific Gatekeeper is at a major AARNet POP,
Canberra Australia.
Australian Root
Cisco MCM IOS, version 12.2(1a) on a 3640
Public GK
Cisco MCM IOS, version 12.2(1a) on a 3640
Configuration template will be available at
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How to peer your Countries National Root Gatekeeper

Visit, select Enter ViDe.Net.
Subscribe to the ViDe Announce list for up-to-date news
Read all the material under I am just looking.
If you think you are the person to run your coutries national
root gatekeeper then:
Create one or more New Zone Administrator Accounts
Create a Zone for your Country.
Your request will be processed to see if you are and you
will be contacted.
AARNet will help with the registration and peering, find Don
Robertson, John Barlow at the conference. Or contact, +61 2 6222 3537.
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Other networks
Generally all are moving towards full E.164 (not 00 +
ENUM uses full E.164!
What does the Internet2s VoIP Working Group use?
A question for Walt Magnussen.
AARNet uses full E.164 dialplan in Australia and is
deploying a ip-ip gateway to do the number translation
to peer with ViDe.Net.

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ENUM the answer???

ENUM is many things, but in the context of VoIP it is an extension
to the DNS to support telephone number routing. We do not
need root gatekeepers!
Get involved and/or assist your Country to get your Countries
E.164 International Country code delegated in the DNS to a
nameserver in your country.
Suits IETFs SIP protocol really well.
Do we need an equivalent SIP roots while we wait for ENUM?

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Thank you

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