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Building your Service

Desk Vision
Session & Workshop
Howard Kendall, Founder,



A & E now, can do better….
Have a world class service desk vision
Considering strategy, performance, outcomes
It’s about the PEOPLE & BIZ VALUE
Community/consumer trends & effects
Be a brand!
What should I learn to be ready for future?
Some ideas from me..some work from you!


Just like this…….c .Casualty anyone? • • • • • • • • 3 Triage 1st response Reassurance Confidence Fix ? Longer term support Prevent? RCA & Eliminate www.servicedeskinstitute.

Avatars at Co-Op and LOT! What WILL we support? www.c .The Future? • • • • Bring your own device (BYOD) is standard Self healing and self aware machines Robotics in several fields.servicedeskinstitute.

c .The ‘World Class’ Service Desk Criteria To achieve ‘World Class’ status each concept requires a YES rating for all its associated criteria: • 5 • Leadership • Policy and Strategy • People • Partnerships and Resources • Processes • People Satisfaction • Customer Satisfaction • Key Performance Results • Social Responsibility www.servicedeskinstitute.

c .servicedeskinstitute.The ‘World Class’ Service Desk Principles To achieve ‘World Class’ the service desk must achieve 75% overall and at least 50% in each principle: 6 • Success • Vision and Mission • Attitudes and Behaviour • Culture • Integration • Customer Advocacy • Efficiency • Wow Factor • Continual Improvement www.

servicedeskinstitute. www. projects.The World Class Service Desk Continual Improvement Continual Improvement is demonstrably embedded in all processes. There is clear recognition that there is always room for improvement and that business change must be reflected by continual operational change and development. methodologies and – most importantly – people.c .

energy. The culture encourages a positive attitude.c .The World Class Service Desk Culture The culture displayed shows a tangible commitment to quality and value-added delivery.servicedeskinstitute. teamwork and a constant appreciation of the need to improve and meet changing business needs. commitment. openness. www. which is pervasive across the organisation.

c . It is mostly achieved and regularly exceeded.servicedeskinstitute. understood. advocated and aimed for by all stakeholders.The World Class Service Desk Success Success is clearly defined. It is usually defined in business terms rather than operational metrics and can clearly link the value delivered from the Service Desk to business or organisational success. www.

servicedeskinstitute.The World Class Service Desk Wow factor The Service Desk has built or implemented an innovative new product.c . service. approach or function that marks it out from other organisations. This is appreciated by the organisation and customers alike as delivering value and is not simply innovation for its own sake. www.

c . innovative Business value achieved Excellent understanding Good basic support Firefighting tech issues 11 www.servicedeskinstitute.SDC Service Desk Maturity Model Value added. ROI.

www.servicedeskinstitute.Community & Customer Trends • • • • • • • 12 Apple store Pret a Manger Amazon App stores/cloud Ryanair BIG data..on YOU! (IBM) Ask a friend….c .

c it…… Community + Communicate = essentials www.Build Community Hub .

be consistent Be very proud.Obsess about Brand? • • • • • What do you admire about Brands? Think of yourselves AS a Business & Brand! Olympics? Apple? What do you stand for? Sell it. protect it.servicedeskinstitute. big up and keep it going to raise your street cred www.c .

Change.servicedeskinstitute. SLAs – to support Community and Service Desk www. Incident.c .The Role of ITSM and ITIL? • • • • Selective usage Balanced and service led Value and ROI foremost Primary – Problem.

(2008) ‘The Best Service Is No Service’ www.servicedeskinstitute. D. and Jaffe.c .Amazon Price. B.

c .servicedeskinstitute.Use of Managed. Shared or 3rd Party Services? • • • • • • Cloud and services consolidation will drive more acceptance Seamless optimisation of service as a goal Self help and self healing predominate Smaller players emerge with flexible models Costs being driven down Good learning source for all Servicedeskers www.

focus on performance..servicedeskinstitute. outcomes. costs PEOPLE & BUSINESS VALUE Build and drive a community Learn obsessively – or be a victim….c .Summary • • • • • • • 18 Stop A & E Create your Future – vision & strategy Follow. SDI can help! www.

c .Workshop for you…… • • • • 19 Establish ‘current model’ service desk thru discussion How to set customer goals/biz integration and keep current How to set BVM and continually improve How to identify & develop skill/resource needs www.servicedeskinstitute.

. not technology low cost Measure the BUSINESS metrics – bespoke Support PEOPLE.servicedeskinstitute. . applies to YOU too….delivery Outcomes. improve service support. Strategy. kill and improve? Heineken example.Gartner and IT Business Value • • • • • • 20 http:// www. value. better business return.

21 How do you market your achievements to the rest of the business? More innovation? www.servicedeskinstitute.c .

obsessively Business Value Metric Development Social Media usage and techniques Mobile & remote support Knowledge at the speed of light! Managed.servicedeskinstitute.Learning for Service Desk Role? • • • • • • • 22 Business & Customers. shared service strategies Be an expert in something. know about everything…..c . www.

FTE hours lost ITSM Maturity/ Automated / Lead / Proactive Investment Discussions 3 21 mapped IT Services Provided Web processes to IT SIP to identify business impact 2 1 0 ITSM Maturity – Manual / Lag / Reactive Discussions Q311 Q411 Q112 www.servicedeskinstitute. Revenue lost.g.c Q212 Q312 Q412 .Aviva’s Business Process Aligned Journey 5 IT Service Ownership 200 mapped IT Services 4 Service Mgt Maturity & MI Quality Actively manage IT Services Business Process Aligned IT Service Mgt Pilot completed with 2 business areas e.

c .Purpose •To be able to illustrate in business language a) how a Service is Designed (Capability). Business Process – Sell Motor Policy IT Service Hours Lost 16 Business Hours Lost 9 Business Impact Currency e.servicedeskinstitute. c) how the business need it to operate to meet their plans. www. linked to business service benefit. we create the ability to identify the correct investment areas for IT Service Improvement.g.000 Revenue/ 1000 External Customers Impacted •When we achieve the above. b) how a Service is actually operating versus. £500.

c .servicedeskinstitute. Secondments & Shadowing Long Term Development Programmes Assessment Centres For Succession Planning Apprenticeships www. Mentoring.6 Proven Strategies Induction Training & Managing The Psychological Contract On-the-job Training & Qualifications Soft Skill Development Career Management Routes Training.

individual. goals and principles will shape the service they deliver • Invest in business/commercial development as well as technical • Live in your customers’ world .c .Who does your team work for? From Barclays SDI Conf presn • Immerse your teams in the culture and branding of your customers • Bring the business to them – awareness of their commercial strategy.through exchanges and visits • Align your customer satisfaction scores by your customer department.servicedeskinstitute. team. • Align performance not only to internal efficiency and quality measures but also take feedback directly from your customers regarding the ‘health’ of your Service Desk department. Do you know your customers?| 18 th June 2013 www. 26 | Where everybody knows YOUR name. Give them the opportunity to recognise and reward their ‘stars’ in the Service Desk.