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Vitamin D deficiency

S.Raji M.P.T

Sun light




-Neural function
 O-Orthopeadic wellbeing
 K-Kidney function
 I-Immune system function
 A-And all other major system’s function

Small step to prevent the major health problems • Update your knowledge • Follow the recommendation .

Vitamin-D Bone and muscle Heart and blood vessels kidney Endocrin e Immune system Nervous system .

Vitamin D and your bone  Understanding the relationship between ca and vitamin D Reabsorption Absorption calcium .

osteomalacia osteoporosis Osteo arthritis .

Vitamin D and muscle .

Vitamin D deficiency -muscle .

Vitamin D and heart .


Premenstrual syndrome Irritability  Tension  unhappiness  Vitamin d and calcium deficiency .

 Brain development  Serotonin  .Vitamin D and depression Vitamin d receptors are found in neurons and Glial cells in nervous system.

vitamin D and Kidney  Low vitamin D causes kidney damage .

vitamin D and Immunity Eliminate the inflammation  Increases the activation of immune cells  .

Vitamin D and autoimmune diseases Vitamin D inhibits induction of autoimmune diseases  Multiple sclerosis  Type 1 diabetes  Inflammatory bowel syndrome  Lupus erythematosus  Collagen induced arthritis  .

Dental problems .

cancer Incidence of cancer is low where the sunlight exposure is high  Anti cancer nature  Nuclear transcription role  .

Check list –vitamin D deficiency Lack of exposure to sun light  Age above 60years  Obese  Dark complexion skin  Inflammatory bowel diseases etc….  Medication –eg antiepileptic drugs  ..

 Indoor activities  Food habits .

 If we are coming under this group . we have 3 recommendation to improve the vitamin D level .

Recommendations 1.Sun light exposure  2.Dietary considerations  .Vitamin d supplements  3.

Recommendation No 1 Exposing skin to sun light Exposing skin to sun light Skin can produce vitamin D from UVB rays from sun light .


Factors considered –Sun exposure  Time of year .

Sun exposure  Time of the day  Midday .

Rule of thumb –time of exposure  Less Shadow More vitamin D .

Sun exposure-Skin type .

 More Melanin-less UV-B absorption n k iin D arrk lex iio Da o p e m pl x o m c o c n n More More melonin melonin Less Less synthesis synthesis of of vitamin vitamin D D .

Sun exposure Sun screen -SPF 8 or more Glasses .

Sun exposure .

it does not produce cancer. .Sun light exposure and cancer  Researchers are recommending that short exposure of sun light is not harmful.

• cancer • Damage the skin • DNA • Too long exposure to sun light Sun light exposure and cancer .

Vitamin D can be synthesized by skin  It takes half the time before your skin turns into pink/ burnt  15 -20 min/day (fair skin)  2 hours/day (dark skin)  .

2 Vitamin D supplements D3> D2  Infants 400 -1000 IU/day  Children 600-1000 IU/day  Adults 800-5000 IU/day  .Recommendation.

000 IU /day  .Vitamin D supplements Excessive vitamin D is also causes health risk  Upper limit is not more than 10.

Vitamin D supplements  Consult your doctor .

Testing Vitamin 25 (OH )D blood test  50 ng /ml is ideal value  .

Recommendation -3 Dietary consideration Fatty fish  Beef liver  Egg yolks  Fortified milk  Orange juice  Fortified cereals  Infant formulas  .

Physiotherapy in vitamin D deficiency Orthopedic problems  Non orthopedic problems  .

Weight bearing exercises • Strengthening exercises High impact exercises .

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