In the buzzer round of quiz contests, the question is thrown open to all the teams.

The person who knows the answer hits the buzzer first and then answers the question. Sometimes two or more players hit the buzzer almost simultaneously and it is very difficult to detect which of them has pressed the buzzer first. In television shows, where the whole event is recorded, the actions are replayed in slow motion to detect the first hit. Such slow motions are possible only where huge funds are available to conduct the show. For this reason buzzer rounds are avoided for quiz contests held in colleges. This project is an electronic quiz buzzer that is affordable by the colleges and even individuals. This project is useful for a 4-team quiz contest, although it can be modified for more number of teams. This system is sensitive. The circuit can detect and record the first hit contestant among all the contestants that may appear to be simultaneous. This project not only monitors the fastest finger, but also evaluates the performance of the contestants by saving marks of all participants in microcontroller registers as per Quiz Masters guidance.

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