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form19.  Form-3 A . 6 A Card  Nomination Form-2  Provident Fund Inspection Book .STATUTORY LIST  Statement of New Appointments Form-9  Provident Funds Challans  Form-12 A Details of Provident funds deducted and deposited  Statement of Workers Joining the service Form-5  Statement of Workers leaving the service Form-10 c .

The notification was published in the Official Gazette dated October 1. 1952.Employees Provident Fund (Third Amendment) Scheme. .The notification has broadened the ambit of both the schemes to include specific category of Indian employees working outside India and employees other than Indian employees. holding other than Indian Passport. 1995. The Ministry of Labor and Employment by way of special notification has amended the Employees Provident Fund Scheme. 1952 and Employees Pension Scheme. working for an establishment in India. 2008 and becomes effective from that date. 2008 Background Government notification amending the existing Employees Provident Fund Scheme.

which is defined as: . by virtue of the eligibility gained or going to gain. . other than an Indian employee.Salient features of the Provident Fund (Third Amendment) Scheme.An Indian employee having worked or going to work in a foreign country with which India has a Social Security Agreement and being eligible to avail the benefits under a social security programme of that country. 2008 (“Amended PF Scheme”)  A new category of “International Worker” has been introduced. under the said agreement. holding other than an Indian passport and working for an establishment in India to which the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act.An employee. . 1952 (PF Act”) applies.

specifying the International Workers entitled to become members of the fund. • Under the provisions of the Amended PF Scheme. as specified in such an agreement. the employer would also be required to file monthly returns with the Provident Fund Commissioner. with which India has entered into a Social Security Agreement on reciprocity basis and enjoying the status of detached worker for the period and terms. .In relation to the International Worker. unless he/she qualifies as an “Excluded Employee”. would be required to become a member of the Provident Fund. the term “Excluded Employee” has been defined to mean an International Worker who is contributing to a social security programme of his / her country of origin. every International Worker employed with an establishment in India to whom the PF Act applies. Separately. • Employers would be required to file a consolidated return with respect to the International Workers within 15 days of the commencement of the Amended PF Scheme. either as a citizen or as a resident.

This amendment may also entail various countries looking to enter into Social Security Agreements with India. 6500/-. However with respect to International workers.THRESHOLD of the Scheme The Scheme mandatorily covers only those employees whose monthly wages does not exceeds Rs. provided such employee is not deemed as an excluded employee. such threshold limits on monthly wages does not apply. 6500/-.ccc Even if the monthly salary of an international worker exceeds Rs. . especially since such an amendment triggers contribution to provident fund for expatriates working in India. thereby resulting in an increase in the expatriate related costs. the international worker would be covered under the scheme.

• Else. • If you have served for more than 10 years. you can directly download form 19 from the EPFO website. you will get pension only. However. To withdraw the pension amount you have to fill the FORM 10c. you can get scheme certificate instead of pension amount. . that also over the age of 50. • With the provident fund.Forms For EPF Withdrawal • Form 19 for EPF withdrawal. if your service is for less than 10 years. you may also like to withdraw the pension amount.

There may be error in writing the account number. . you have to give a copy of blank cheque for account number assurance.Documents Needed • • • • • • PF account number Date of joining Date of leaving Bank Account number (it should be the same which was registered by your employer) IFSC code Also.

• Even you can ask information about your joining and leaving date from the HR. • You can track your application status through EPFO link. You can have it beforehand. • The regional PF office takes about one month to process your application. • Submit both the forms with HR.Procedure For Applying • Visit to the human resource department of the employer with a copy of the blank cheque is enough. You can also know the PF balance in your account. . • The HR department will give you the form 19 and 10 C. • HR will attest the form and send it to the regional PF office. • EPFO deposits PF amount directly to the employee’s account.

Benefits Of Online EPF Transfer And Withdrawal .