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Highlights of the New Features in Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Release 12 Jeanie Powell Principal Solutions Architect User Interface CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  User Experience Highlights Six worldwide Usability Studies: 16 customers 57 participants Recommendations: •Re-design and streamlining •Reduction in the number of steps •Overall look & feel improvements Results: Significant Improvements • • • • • Collections Setup Payments Loans Applications Setup Manager (ASM) Financial Consolidation Hub (FCH) CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  General Ledger Setup in 11i CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Accounting Setup Manager Single Page for Accounting Setup • Legal Entities • Ledgers • Currencies • Balancing Segments • Subledger Accounting • Operating Units • Balancing Options CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Global Architecture 3rd Party System s Multiple Ledgers 2 General GeneralLedger Ledger Centralized Architecture 2.1 Accounting Policies 2.2 Bank Model Drilldow n Centralized Accounting Model, Rules, Engine and Repository Banking Work in Process Intercompa ny Accounting Global Tax Invento ry Receivable s Purchasin g 1 Project s Payable s E-Business Suite 2.3 Tax Engine 2.4 Intercompany 3 Role-Based Access to Operating Units CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Advanced Collections CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Advanced Collections in R12 Simplified Setup Question & Answer Type Setup Advanced Collections in R12 Simplified Setup - Checklist AR – AP Netting Payables & Receivables Netting Reduce Costs in Trading Relationships AR Invoices Customer #203 $500 #460 $600 Receipt $800 Netting AP Invoices Supplier #699 $400 #982 $400 Payment $800 General Ledger Eliminate Accounting Errors Alternate Accounts Replace Disabled Accounts Definition Access Sets AutoAllocations AutoPost Criteria Sets Controller AutoReversal Criteria Sets Budget Formulas Accountant Privileges Use Accounting Calendars Modify View Budget Organizations Chart of Accounts Mappings Consolidation Definitions Revaluations Consolidation Sets Elimination Sets Allocations Rate Types Elimination Sets FSG Reports and components MassAllocations MassBudgets Rate Types Recurring Journals Revaluations Introducing Ledger Sets Implement Processing Efficiencies • Open/Close Periods • Create Journals • Translate and Revalue Balances • View Information • Submit Standard Reports • Submit Financial Statements Intercompany E-Business Suite Financials Introducing Advanced Global Intercompany Advanced Global Intercompany • Centralized Solution • Integration with Receivables & Payables • Flexible Approval Rules • Based on Legal Entities • Online Reconciliation Tools CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Advanced Global Intercompany System Completely Integrated System 3 1 2 1 Enter Transaction 2 Send Transaction 3 Approve Transaction (or reject) 4 3 Create AR Invoices 4 Create AP Invoice – or – 4 5 4 – or – 5 – or – Create GL Journal 5 Create GL Journal 5 CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Cash Management CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Bank Accounts Centralized User Interface 11i: 12: Cash CashMgmt Mgmt Payables Payables Cash CashMgmt Mgmt Payables Payables Bank Bank Accounts Accounts TCA TCA Payables Payables Banks Banks Receivables Receivables Bank Bank Accounts Accounts Payroll Payroll Receivables Receivables Payroll Payroll Payroll Payroll Bank Bank Accounts Accounts Treasury Treasury Treasury Treasury Bank Bank Accounts Accounts Treasury Treasury Receivables Accelerate the Cash Cycle With Improved Efficiency and Visibility Automated, Flexible Late Charges Improve Efficiency Better Visibility with Line Level Cash Application Automate Revenue Recognition Recognize Revenue Based on Rules and Events Time-Based Revenue Recognition • Ratably Over Time • Upon Expiration of Contingencies Event-Based Revenue Recognition • Payment • Customer Acceptance Rule-Based Revenue Recognition • Payment Term Thresholds • Refund Policy Thresholds • Customer Creditworthiness Balancing Centralized Balancing Routine Supporting Intercompany & Intracompany In 11i: • Balancing Journal Entries generated at posting time by the General Ledger Posting routine In R12, the Balancing Routine: • Generates balancing accounting entries for subledger journal entries at time accounting is created • Generates balancing journal entries at posting time for all other journals Balancing Intercompany & Intracompany 02.Expense Company B Co. A 03.Expense 100 01.Expense 200 02.Intracompany 100 03.Intracompany BS V 01 BS V 02 BS V 300 100 03 02.Intercompany 01.Intercompany 200 200 XML Publisher Business Reporting Requirements Complex & Diverse • High Fidelity Reports • Partner Reports • Financial Statements Checks • Government forms Invoices • Marketing materials • Contracts • Checks, Labels Labels • XML Reports • EFT / EDI • Multiple destinations Destinations XML / EFT / EDI XML Publisher Making Reporting Manageable Separate data / layout / UI translation Data Logic XML Publisher Report output Layout Translation Flexibility Reduced maintenance One Solution for all Business Documents Financial Reporting with XML Publisher Nearly 400 Modifiable Formats Product Formats Product Formats Assets 22 IT Audit 2 Cash 3 Loans 6 Collections 15 Payables 9 Common Modules 10 Payments 120 Financials Consolidation Hub 21 Public Sector 6 General Ledger 14 Receivables 10 Globalizations 92 Subledger Accounting 17 Internal Controls Manager 25 Tax 23 CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Expenses CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and  Internet Expenses Barcode Enabled Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Internet Expenses Usability Enhancements Activity Based Tabs Receipt Verification Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Payables Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Payables Invoice Lines and Enhanced Asset Tracking Select OU View or Enter: Item Description Manufacturer Model • Item Description Serial Number Warranty Number • Manufacturer • Serial Number Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Payables Suppliers in TCA Payable Purchasi s ng Suppliers Global Tax Geographies Payment s Party Informati on Cash Manageme nt Banks and Branches Trading Community Architecture Oracle Fusion Middleware ERP CRM Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. 3rd Party Payables Services Procurement Progress Payment Schedule Define Progress Payment Schedule Specify Pay Item Number, Type: • Rate • Lumpsum • Milestone Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Describe Work Component & Payment Payables Services Procurement Progress Payment Invoices  As progress is made on the work, the supplier continues to submit work confirmations, work is approved, invoices are generated, and retainage is withheld Approved Billed Retained Advance Advance 50,000 Resurface Lot 200,000 200,000 <20,000> Road Work 500,000 500,000 <50,000> Landscape 250,000 250,000 <25,000> Final Painting 50,000 50,000 < 5,000> 1,000,000 1,000,000 <100,000> Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. <50,000> 0 New Product Payments Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Payments Single Point of Integration with Financial Institutions Financial Institutions Oracle Payables Oracle Payments Other applications Oracle Receivables Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Print Payments Oracle Payments Funds Capture Request Authorization Settlement Acknowledgement Replaces and expands iPayment functionality Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Payments Formatting with XML Publisher XML Publisher Data Sources Publishing Engine XML Output Formats PDF RTF HTML XML EDI Disbursements Credit Card Payments Direct Debits Destination • Email • Printer • Fax • FTP • AS/2 Templates Remittances Business User Copyright © 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Checks Remittance Advice Fund Transfers EFT Payments Credit Card Auths Payment Reports CONFIDENTIAL:  All capabilities are for planning purposes only and