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What is Soma 500 MG

Carisoprodol is the essential pharmaceutical part of
Soma. Carisoprodol is put in with the class of Muscle
relaxant. This pharmaceutical is used for the treatment
of musculoskeletal anguish. It lessens the torment that
happens between the cerebrum and nerves. This
medicament moreover declines the muscle fit and
strong pain. This solution also endorsed for the
recovering of harm which is made by physical mischief.
To get mitigation from the horrendous muscle anguish
reliably utilizes Soma. It is astoundingly effective
prescription, which is basic for muscle enduring.

Overview of Soma 500
• Soma is an orally controlled medicine , which is
proposed for the treating of muscle desolation.
Nonexclusive Carisoprodol is the guideline
accommodating administrators found in the soma.
Carisoprodol goes under the order of Muscle relaxant. It is
used for the diminishing (lessening) of anguish that
happen in perspective of the strain (hurt), sprain and
muscle harm. Carisoprodol medicament is a muscle
relaxant that decreases the distress sensation between
the nerves and psyche. Carisoprodol is the muscle
relaxant it loosens up the muscles and gives facilitating
from the musculoskeletal condition such as strain.
Carisoprodol also treats hurt and musculoskeletal torment.

Benefits of Soma500 mg
• Avoid the use of alcohol or alcohol
beverages with this medicine.
• Do not drive after taking this medicine as
this medicine can cause sedation.
• Use this drug with caution if you have a
history of renal, liver and blood disease.
• Soma is demonstrated for- Severe
musculoskeletal issue, for example, muscle
tremor, muscle spasm and firmness of

Recommended measured dose
of Soma 500 mg
• The suggested dose estimations of
Soma are 500 mg orally 2 times
inside of a day. It should control with
a full glass of water. The dosage
estimations should be adjusted on
the reason of restorative state of the

Drug Interactions of
Soma 500mg
• A segment of the medicines
communicate with Soma; they
modify the movement of Soma when
they are eaten up in mix;
Omeprazole and Pantoprazole,
codeine and Morphine, Fluvoxamine
and Escitalopram, Triprolidine and
Methotrimeprazine, Rifampin and

Contraindications of
Soma 500mg
• Under some wellbeing condition, Soma ought
not to be utilized on the grounds that it is
hurtful to the patients;
• Extremely touchy to Carisoprodol and
different constituents of Soma
• Pregnant ladies
• Breast nourishing female
• Convulsion (seizures)
• Hereditary malady (poryphyria)
• Below the age of 12 years

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Unfriendly impacts of Soma
• Standard responses while using torment
o-soma-Unclear vision, agony, sentiment
lethargy, lack of sleep (rest issue),
sentiment squeamishness and stomach
• Amazing side effects while taking distress
o-soma-Paralysis, tachycardia (snappy
heart rate), vague vision, seizures
(writhing), perplexity and swooning.

Safety measures of
Soma 500mg
• A few precautions ought to be taken after before
taking Soma;
• If the patient is extremely sensitive to
Carisoprodol and different components of Soma,
abstain from taking of Soma.
• Avoid the utilization of liquor and fermented
drinks while taking Soma pharmaceutical.
• If you are experiencing any kidney or liver
disorder, utilization Soma with a few alerts.
• Avoid driving the vehicles, as it causes an
inclination of sleepiness.

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Storage of Soma 500 mg
• Soma should be secured under underneath said
• Soma pharmaceutical should be secured at a room
temperature 30° C.
• This medicine should be kept in a perfect and dry spot.
• It should direct in a water/air verification holder.
• Shield this arrangement from plenitude hotness, prompt
light and moistness.

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Soma should be secured under
underneath said conditions;
• In the event that there ought to emerge an
event of skipped estimations of
Soma 500 mg:
• In case you missed the estimations of Soma
then take this measurements at the most
punctual open door. Leave this dosage
estimation and take it at general. Never
manage the 2 tablets of Soma meanwhile.

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Soma 500mg

In the event that there ought to emerge an
event of overdose of Soma 500 mg:

• A couple of appearances of
overdosing of Soma are murky vision,
tachycardia (brisk heart pounded),
shakings (seizures) and midsection
• On the off chance that there ought to
emerge an event of overdosing of
Soma instantly direct with your

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