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Jain Irrigation System Ltd.

Company Profile

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is a diversified entity with turnover in

excess of 1 Billion USD based in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India.
Having Global presence with 30 manufacturing bases spread
over 4 continents.
Their products are supplied to 116 countries with able assistance
from 6700 dealers and distributors worldwide and could reached
to over 4.5 million farmers.
They are the second largest Micro-Irrigation company in the
The Micro-Irrigation Division manufactures a full range of
precision-irrigation products.
Provides services from soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support.
Nurtures a sprawling 2000 acre Hi-Tech Agri Institute; a Farm Resource R&D,
Demo, Training & Extension Centre. Also undertake turnkey projects for
agricultural and irrigation development with holistic & integrated approach.
Over 1500 agri and irrigation scientists, engineers and technicians are
engaged in offering services for complete or partial project planning and
Transformation, including crop agronomy, protected cultivation etc.

Company Profile

Two Major Segment with leadership in all its products;

Hi Tech Agri-Input Products: Micro-Irrigation systems and Bio-Tech

Tissue culture.
Industrial Product: PVC Pipes and sheets, Vegetable Dehydration,
Fruit processing.

Process tropical fruits like mango, banana, pomegranates into

purees, concentrates, juices and IQF products. Also dehydrated
Onions & Vegetables.
It is the only company in India which is not only a Pioneer
manufacturer of hi-tech agricultural inputs but aIso a total AgriService provider, like Training and Extension Institute, large farm
cultivator and an Agricultural Consultancy organization. It is
through such multi-dimensional activity profile that Jain Irrigation
nurtures the complete agri-value chain and has become a OneStop Hi-tech Agri Shop.
Their unflinching efforts in pursuit of excellence appropriately
blended with ongoing Research and Development efforts have

The field of Micro Irrigation.

Micro Irrigation System Market include;
Drip Irrigation System.
Sprinkler micro-irrigation system.( 72% of Global Irrigation
Micro-sprinkler Irrigation.
Micro-Jet irrigation.
Growing importance of Micro Irrigation system;
Rising Population &Water scarcity.
Cost effectiveness of Fertigation and Chemigation in Microirrigation

High initial and maintenance cost.

Irrigation Systems
Layout of Sprinkler Irrigation

Layout of Drip Irrigation System.

Motives behind Acquisitions.


Entry & to
become an

Merger and Acquisition at Jain Irrigation.

2006: Acquired Chapin Watermatic (US, Flat Drip Irrigation system)

2006: NuCedar Mills (US).
Dec 2006: stake in Cascade Specialties Inc. (US, natural low bacteria
Onion product and organic dehydrated Onions; Capacity >25000 mts).

Feb 2007: Acquired Acquarius. (US, in $ 21.5 m cash deal)

Jun 2007:Acquired 50.001% stake in NaanDan. ($ 30 m invst.; JISL
now 2nd Largest)

Nov 2007: Acquired controlling stake in Sleaford Quality Foods

(UK;Food ingredient supplier.; access to large market)

May 2012: Acquired remaining 50% stake of NaanDan from

Kibbutz Naan. (Israel, $ 35 m)

NaanDan, Israel
Formed in 2001 by merger of Naan (Est. 1973) and Dan (Est. 1970);
well established and prominent Irrigation company.
NaanDan develops, manufacture and market advanced irrigation
Extensive application- Fields ,Orchards & plantations, greenhouses &
nurseries, residential/industrial and landscape area.
Kibbutz; a kind of cooperative society; members sharing economic
Jain Irrigation acquired Kibbutz Naan (Israel unit in 2007) with
agreement to maintain activities in Israel until 2020.
More than NIS 125 million invested in Joint Venture.
NaanDan Jain increased its sales turnover by more than 25%
Now a global network with manufacturing in USA, Spain, Mexico, Brazil,
Chile, Australia and marketing units in France and Italy.

2009-2012: Journey of NaanDan Jain.

JISL has become second largest drip irrigation company in the world.
Operates in entire Agri-value chain, enhancing its appeal to farmers
around the world.
Powerful presence at international and Israeli exhibition.
Strengthening relationship with the foreign and national media.
Visits by delegation, ministers, potential customers.
Deep and ongoing relationship with the relevant government
Extensive Branding process with BBDO (Advertising agency, New York)
a significant step in the strengthening of ties between Israel and India. This is an
immense opportunity to expand our activity in the world in the areas that provide
solution to the growing global climate change, water, food and energy crises.
Mr. Anil B Jain (MD- Jain Irrigation & Chairman- NaanDan Jain)


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