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Antonio molina
Lucio san pedro
Ryan cayabyab
Col. Antonio buenaventura
Rodolfo cornejo
hilarion rubio
Rosendo santos jr.
Nicanor abelardo
Francisco santiago
Felipe de leon sr.
Francisco buencamino

1. He is considered
as the Father of

2.He was considered as the

first Filipino composer who
received a honory degree
from the government
recognized music school in
the United States.

3-5. three
composer who
belong to the
triumvirate of
filipino composers.

6. He is known
as the Father
of Kundiman.

7. He is known
as a Romantic

8. He composed
the song kay
ganda ng ating

9. He composed
most of the folk
dances researched
by aquino like the
pandanggo sa ilaw

10. He composed
the music for the
lullaby, sa ugoy
ng duyan.

Jose maceda
Lucresia kasilag
Josefino toledo
Francisco feliciano
Jerry dadap
Fr. Manuel maramba
Ramon santos
Jonas baes

11. He was only 11

years old when he
gave his public
performance at the
bamboo organ in Las

12. udlot-udlot
is one of his

13. The only female

composer whose
compositional style
demonstrated a fusion
of eastern and western

14. An experimental
composer who explored
innovative territories
and unusual musical
treatments in his works.

15. He founded
the asian institute
for liturgy and
music (ailm)

16. He is the first

filipino composer to
conduct his own
works at the carnegie
recital hall in new
york city.

17. He composed a musical

composition with a very long
title nabasag na banga at
ibat iba pang pinag-ugpongugpong na pananalita sa
wikang pilipino para sa labing
anim na tinig.

18. He is
considered as the
first filipino avant
garde composer.

19. He is a
recognized figure in
the asian
contemporary art

20. The only priest

who became known
as one of the
outstanding filipino

Levi celerio
Constancio de guzman
Mike velarde jr.
Ernani cuenco
Restie umali
George canseco
Angel pena
Leopoldo silos sr.
Santiago suarez

21. He is known as
the dean of filipino
movie composers and
musical directors.

22. He is known as
one of the founders
of traditional jazz in
the philippines.

23. His jazz band

is known as the

24. He made it to the

guinness book of
world records for
being the only person
to make music with a

25. He arranged
the philippine

26. He translated
the popular song
of freddie aguilar

27. He wrote the

lyrics of sa ugoy
ng duyan, ang
pasko ay sumapit,

28. He
composed the
song maala-ala
mo kaya.

29. He was the award

winning musical
director of the
television musical
Aawitan Kita.

30. He was
discovered by
then joseph