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Seeing Forward

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Video Overview
• Hosted by Wayne Cascio, Ph.D.
• SHRM Foundation’s 6th DVD
• Filmed at 3M Headquarters,
St. Paul, Minnesota
• Comprehensive Interviews
• Officers, Managers, and

Video Synopsis

Video Introduction

The Leader as Coach

Description of 3M Business
Types of Successful
Leadership Development
Action Learning
The Role of Strategy in
Succession Planning

Human Capital Planning

Barriers to Succession
Planning & Leadership

Five Lessons for Leadership
Development & Succession

Objectives of Succession

3M spent 6% of its gross revenues on R&D •2007 Sales: $24.S.5 Billion.Company Overview OPERATING INFORMATION •60 Countries.000 employees. 63% from outside United States •76. Patents •In 2007. 35 with laboratories •35 distinct business units •Manufacturing in 29 countries •Holds 569 U. 7.000 Researchers .

Security and Protection Services .Company Overview MARKET-LEADING BUSINESSES • Consumer and Office • Display and Graphics • Electro and Communications • Health Care • Industrial and Transportation • Safety.

Scotchgard™ Fabric Protection.Company Overview NOTABLE PRODUCTS • Scotch-Brite™ Brand Cleaning Products • Scotch® Brand Tapes • Nexcare™ Brand Skincare Products • Scotchgard™ Brand Fabric Protection • Microtouch™ Brand Touch Screens • FastBond™ Brand Adhesives • Filtrete™ Brand Air Filters Post-it® Notes. Nexcare™ Skincare Products . O-Cel-O™ Sponges . Microtouch™ Touch Screens. • O-Cel-O™ Brand Sponges .FastBond™ Adhesives . Filtrete™ Air Filters . Scotch® Branded Tapes and Scotch-Brite™ Cleaning Products are all registered trademarks of 3M.

Company Overview HISTORY •Founded in 1902 in Two Harbors. .headquarters moved to Duluth.first commercial success: Waterproof Sandpaper. MN •1906 . MN •1921 .Scotch® Branded Masking tape and entirely new cellophane-based tape called “Scotch Tape”. •1925 .

3M introduced the “Post-It ® Note” product line. •In the 1960s & 70s. 3M began a rapid expansion into multiple industries including display and graphics. •In the 1980s. video production. and digital audio equipment.Company Overview HISTORY •In 1946. 3M became a publicly traded company on the NYSE. .

3M is one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.Company Overview HISTORY •By 1996. •3M is ranked 101 in the Fortune 500. 3M expanded to the data storage industry and spun off the Imation corporation. . •Today.

Discussion Questions .

What leadership attributes are most important for assessing succession candidates? • • • • • • Thinks from Outside In Drives Innovation and Growth Develops. Passion and Urgency Lives 3M Values . Teaches and Engages Others Makes Courageous Decisions Leads with Energy.

Additional Questions • What do 3M’s Leadership Attributes describe? • How can a set of common leadership attributes help a company focus on long-term strategy? • How can small companies encourage leadership? • How can organization keep employees reaching for the next level? .

what is most successful in helping leaders develop? • Leaders Teaching Leaders • Build Relationship with Executives • Use Action Learning • Customized Training .In Leadership Development.

Additional Questions • How can a company provide more training opportunities when it has a limited training staff? • In what ways does “Leaders Teaching Leaders” help strengthen the security of the mentor? • What are the challenges that small firms face when leadership is developed through experience? • Do most organizations that you’ve been involved with prefer structured. lecture-based training or experiential learning? .

How does coaching help identify and prepare up-and-coming leaders? • Coaching the People • Coach Colleagues and Peers • Upward Coaching .

in terms of effectiveness .Additional Questions • How can a manager encourage “upward coaching”? • How does coaching compare .with formal training and performance management? • How can small firms leverage coaching as a viable training option? • Can coaching be appropriate in all industries and for all employees? .

How does “Action Learning” help 3M identify future leaders? • Small Projects • Freedom to Succeed • Presentation of Findings .

.Additional Questions • What types of projects can test an employee’s leadership skills? • How can a small organization develop an effective “action learning” project? • Have you ever been involved in an “action learning” project? Please describe the positives and negatives of your experience.

How does innovation affect leadership development and succession planning? • Allow Ideas to Bubble-Up • Allow People to Be Themselves • Innovative Employees are Often Strong Leaders .

how can you recognize who is leading the pack? .Additional Questions • What is the key to driving innovation? • What is the “bubble-up” process? • When innovation is occurring.

• Avoid Diluting the Process .How does an organization incorporate its strategy into the succession-planning process? • Align Key Management Roles with Elements of the Organization’s Strategy • Focus on those Jobs that are Directly Related to the Long-Term Strategy of the Company.

Additional Questions • Why not consider every management position when planning for succession? • How can an organization identify strategy-critical roles? • What should a company do if it does not have a focused strategy? • At your place of employment. which roles would you consider critical to the success of the strategy? .

Skills.What are the key objectives of human capital planning as they pertain to succession planning? • Align Knowledge. and Abilities with Strategy • Identify Talent Earlier and Deeper • Leverage Talent • Drive Diversity • Balance Internal Development and Outside Hiring .

Additional Questions • Why is human-capital planning an important part of succession planning? • Why is executive sponsorship of human-capital planning and succession planning important? • How can a small business plan for human capital? .

What are some barriers to succession planning that an organization may encounter? • Managers lacking time and effort • Differences in operating procedures among business divisions • Managers hoarding star employees .

Additional Questions • What can an organization do to prevent barriers from forming? • How can a organization overcome barriers to succession planning? • What can an organization do to prevent managers from hoarding star employees? .

what is an innovative company’s most important asset? • Find the Right People • Set them in the Right Direction • Lead them to Success .According to 3M.

Additional Questions • How can an organization with limited resources hire the best employees? • What are some ways to identify excellent new hires? • Have you ever been in an organization that truly recognized employees as its most valuable assets? .

Keep to a regular schedule for performance reviews and identification of talent pools 5. comprehensive performance reviews 4. Link all decisions about talent to the long-term strategy of the organization . Use candid. Begin with commitment from the top 2. Identify and communicate a common set of leadership attributes 3.Five Important Lessons 1.

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