Creating Brand Equity

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A name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.

A Brand is any...
name... Coca-Cola term« Coke

design« sign« symbol« or combination« «that distinguishes a product from its competition.


A t li p rc iv br 

th t r fl cts th w y co su .


Physic l: si , l tt rs, sh p s, rt, colors Psycholo ic l: otio s, b li fs, v lu s

Appy Fizz : Cool Drink To Hang Around
Brand : Appy Fizz Company : Parle Agro Appy was launched as an apple drink in tetra pack after the mega success of Frooti. But Appy was not that successful compared to Frooti. Then we saw the new avatar of Appy in Appy Fizz. Appy changed in to nectar based drink. Appy was launched with a new bottle.

Cadbury Dairy Milk When Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with its deliciously smooth texture and unique creamy taste, was first introduced in the early 1900s, it made an immediate impact quickly becoming the market leader. Boost : Is The Secret Of Our Energy Brand : Boost Company: Glaxo Smithkline Beecham Boost is one of the major players in the Rs 1400 Crore Indian Health Food Drink ( HFD) market. Glaxo rules the Indian HFD market with a share of around 64 %.

The Role of Brands
Identify the maker Simplify product handling or tracing Organize accounting and inventory records
Offer legal protection for unique features or aspects of product

The Role of Brands
Signify quality Create barriers to entry Serve as a competitive advantage Secure price premium


Brand Equity is a set of assets (and liabilities) linked to a brand¶s name and symbol that adds to (or subtracts from) the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or that firm¶s customers.

Branding a Place

Branding a Place

Brand Equity Models
Brand Asset Valuator, € AAKER Model, € Brandz & € Brand Resonance.

Brand Asset Valuator


Aaker Model ± Brand Assets
Brand loyalty Brand associations Proprietary Assets (patents,
trademarks, channel relationships)

Brand awareness Perceived quality

Aaker Model ± Brand Identity
(Scope, attributes, quality/value, uses, users, Country of origin)

(Organizational Attributes, local vs. global)

(Brand Personality, customer relationships)

(visual imagery/metaphors, Brand heritage)


Brand Resonance

Building Brand Equity

€ €

The initial choices of brand elements or identities making up the brand (e.g. brand names, URLs, logos, slogans, jingles, etc.) The way the brand is integrated into the supporting marketing program. Other associations indirectly transferred to the brand by linking it to some other entity (e.g. person, place or thing)

Brand Elements
Brand names Slogans URLs

Elements Logos



Great Marketing Tagline

Asian Paints: Every Color Tells a Story Axe : The Axe Effect Bajaj Pulsar : Definitely Male Band-Aid :Continuous Care Bournvita: Do You Have Bournvita Confidence Bru : Happiness Begins with Bru Center Shock : Hilake Rakh De Coffy Bite : Coffee or Toffee Colgate Dental Cream : ye hai hamari suraksha chakra Fair & Lovely : Chand ka Tukda Fastrack : How many you have ? Frooti : Fresh N Juicy

Brand Element Choice Criteria
Memorable, € Meaningful, € Likeability, € Transferable, € Adaptable, € Protectable.

Designing Holistic Marketing Activities
(Internet, experiential, one-to-one, permission)

(mixing/matching marketing activities to maximize individual/collective effects)


(activities/processes to inform/inspire employees)

Rapid expansion of Internet has created opportunities to personalize marketing. € Personalizing marketing is about making sure that the brand & its marketing are as relevant as possible to as many customers as possible.

Integrating marketing is about mixing & matching marketing activities to maximize their individual & collective effects. € Brand awareness € Brand image

Internal branding is activities & processes that help to inform & inspire employees. € Companies need to engage in open dialogue with employees.

Holistic Marketing
Holistic marketers must go even further & train & encourage distributors to serve their customers well. € Poorly trained dealers can ruin the best efforts to build a strong brand image.

Measuring Brand Equity
€ 1. 2.

To measure the brand equity there are two approaches: Direct approach Indirect approach

Measuring Brand Equity
Brand Audits
(health of brand)

Brand Tracking (over time) Brand Valuation (financial worth)

Brand Audits

Brand Audits are in-depth examination of the health of a brand and can be used to set strategic direction for the brand. It measures ³ where the brand has been´. It consist of two steps: Brand inventory Brand exploratory

€ 1. 2.

Brand Tracking

Tracking studies involve information collected from consumers on a routine basis over time & provide valuable tactical insights into the short-term effectiveness of marketing programs and activities. It measures ³where the brand is now´.

Brand Valuation

Brand valuation is the estimation of total financial value of the brand. The values associated with the product or services are communicated through the brand to the consumer. It measures ³How much worth of brand is´.



The 10 Most Valuable Brands

Managing Brand Equity
Brand Reinforcement
(consistently convey the meaning of the brand)

Brand Revitalization

Brand Crises

Devising a Branding Strategy
Develop new brand elements Apply existing brand elements Use a combination of old and new

Brand Naming
Individual names
(not tied to company reputation)

Blanket family names
(create brand-name recognition)

Separate family names (very different products) Corporate nameindividual name combo
(sub-branding²Kellogg¶s Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes)

Brand Portfolio

Brand portfolio is set of all brands and brand lines of a particular firm offers for sale to buyers in a particular category. To maximize market coverage. To minimize brand overlap.



Brand Roles in a Brand Portfolio


(attack competitor brands so flagship brands retain desired positioning)

Cash Cows

(Brand kept around dwindling sales)

Low-end Entry-level

High-end Prestige

(attract customers)

(adds value & credibility to entire portfolio)


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