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 American Safety Razor is founded by King C. Gillette.
 King Gillette's safety razor is patented.
 Gillette manufacturers razors and blades for soldiers during World War I.
 The Cavalcade of Sports program is formed to oversee the company's various
advertising and promotional activities in athletics.
 Braun AG is acquired.
 Company is organized into four domestic divisions: the Safety Razor Division;
the Toiletries Division (featuring Right Guard antiperspirant); the Personal Care
Division; and the Paper Mate division.
 Gillette ranks 20th among the Fortune 500.
 The company acquires battery manufacturer Duracell.


The sensor is the product of 157 raw materials,39 finished components, and 34
assembly processes.
Made by 10 year Gillette R&D research.
Gillette made by $125 million capital investment.
Gillette sensor only razor who give three important attributes, closeness, comfort
and safety.
Gillette hope sell 15 million razor and share 15% of the US market.
Idea of sensor conceptualize in 1977 by jone francis.
CAD made a major improvement.

Gillette operate 62 plant in 28 countries and distributes over 200 countries Start in
US market
During the next decade US market expected to remain flat.
Gillette expand its market.
International launch
Open new manufacturing plant in various countries.
In 1989 Gillette capture 50% of market.

Gillette faced a serious dilemma.

The razor had been a tremendous success.
Forecasting was failed.
Order of wholesalers and retailers was not filled.
company had expected to ship 3.5 million razor by march 31 but now has
orders for 6 million.
Gillette did not foresee sensor͛s huge success so rapidly.

International expansion
Plant capacity.
Company operations
Acquisitions with other companies.

Ambitious project for Gillette.

10 years hard core research.
Better performance.
Dynamic innovative shaving tool for customer.
Unexpected result.
Huge success.
International performance.
Huge profit.