History of the company:Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886,by Robert Wood Johnson & brothers on a revolutionary idea that doctors & nurses should use sterile sutures, dressings & bandages to treat people` s wound. The company has brought the world new ideas & products that have transformed human health & well being.

Mission &Vision of the company:Mission:-To improve the quality of life for people everywhere. Vision:-Bringing science to the art of healthy living.

Products of the company:     

Baby care:- Johnson soap, Bebe, Johnson Bedtime, Johnson Soothing Naturals etc. Skin & Hair care:- Clear & Clear, Shower to Shower, Aveeno, Ambi skin care etc. Care Wound & Topicals:- Band-Aid, Savlon, Neosporin, Caladryl etc. Oral Health Care:- Listerine, Efferdent etc. Women¶s Health:-Stayfree, Carefree etc. Nutritional:- Splenda, Benecol etc.

Management of the company:(A.)Corporate chairmanship: Robert Wood Johnson I :- 1887-1910  James Wood Johnson :- 1910-1932  Robert Wood Johnson II :- 1932-1963  Philip B. Hofmann :- 1963-1973  Richard B. Sellars :- 1973-1976  James E. Burke :- 1976-1989  Ralph S. Larsen :- 1989-2002  William C. Weldon (C.E.O.) :- 2002

(B.) Board of Directors:1. Mary Sue Coleman 2.James G. Cullen 3.Dominic Caruso 4.Michael M.E. Johns 5.Ann Dibble Jordan 6.Arnold G. Langbo 7.Susan L. Lindquist 8.Leo F. Mullin 9.Christine A. Poon 10.Steven S. Reine 11.David Satcher

Competitors of the company:company:
Colgate Palmolive ± Colgate Gillette ± Oral B Ponds-face wash etc. Dabur- Laal Tail(oil)



Company: Johnson & Johnson 2007 Sales: $6.2 billion Market share: 8.4% CAGR: 3% What they have: J&J's bestselling biologic is Remicade ($3.3 billion).


The world¶s premier consumer health company. The world¶s largest and most diverse medical devices and diagnostics company. The world¶s third-largest biologics company. The world¶s sixth-largest pharmaceuticals company. There are more than 250 operating companies in 57 countries employing 1,19,400 people& the worldwide headquarters is in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.


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