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derived fromcapital, which evolved

fromcapitale, a lateLatinword based oncaput,
meaning "head" also the origin
ofchattelandcattlein the sense of movable
property (only much later to refer only to
Capitale emerged in the 12th to 13th centuries in
the sense of referring to funds, stock of
merchandise, sum of money, or money carrying

History of Industrial Capitalism

David Hume and Adam Smith

- Challenged fundamentalmercantilistdoctrines such as the

belief that the amount of the world's wealth remained
constant and that a state could only increase its wealth at the
expense of another state.

History of Industrial Capitalism

During theIndustrial revolution, the industrialist

replaced the merchant as a dominant factor in the
capitalist system and affected the decline of the
traditional handicraft skills ofartisans, guilds, and
journeymen. Also during this period, the surplus
generated by the rise of commercial agriculture
encouraged increased mechanization of agriculture.
Industrial capitalism marked the development of
thefactorysystem of manufacturing, characterized
by a complexdivision of laborbetween and within
work process and the routine of work tasks; and
finally established the global domination of the
capitalist mode of production.

What is a Capitalist Society?


economic system in which the means of

production and distribution are privately or
corporately owned and development is
proportionate to the accumulation and
reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

Examples of Capitalist Societies



Capitalism in Germany is found in its institutions such as banking

andeducational systems. German industries have prospered because the
country has made it a priority to train its labor force to succeed in various
industries. These various systems have worked together to make a robust
capitalistic market for the country.

Examples of Capitalist Societies

2. United States

Americans are known to be risk takers and capital makers. In

the US it is possible to begin a business of humble means and
expand it to grow into a conglomerate business model for
people wanting to start a new business.

Examples of Capitalist Societies

3. China

China has focused in the last fifty yearscapi on educating the

masses and the effort has paid off. Adultliteracy in China has
risen to almost 95% and is steadily rising. China is placing a
priority on the development of its human capital and offers it
workers more on the dollar to produce goods for export

Examples of Capitalist Societies


The infrastructure is limited by the human capital available to take

jobs offered by the companies poised to hire qualified candidates as
corporations globally look to India for offshore needs (call center and
telemarketing, etc.).TheIndian governmentrealizes the potential of
capitalistic growth as it struggles to overcome an outdated caste

Examples of Capitalist Societies

5. Japan

TheJapanese economyhas rebounded from its nearcollapse in the

1990s and has prospered with Keiretsu networks. Japan has a stateled economic machine, which keeps the country in healthy
economic shape. Japan has been interested in reform in a few major
areas such as: labor relations, bank relations, corporate governance
and supplier relations.