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Study Plan

Expressing Interest in a Field of Study


3. Stating how one has pursued
that interest until now

A solid academic background and abundant
research experience in construction engineering
make me confident of becoming an
accomplished civil engineer. I believe that these
two ingredients are crucial to my fully realizing
my career aspirations.

The strong departmental curricula at
National Chiao Tung University instilled in
me academic fundamentals necessary for
advanced research. Civil Engineering
captivated my interest because of its
complexity and diverse applications.

My dream of becoming a widely respected
civil engineer who will design innovative
architectural designs has motivated me to
pursue a PhD. in Civil Engineering at
National Taiwan University in preparation
for a career in research.

Success in my field of interest depends on
developing a truly multidisciplinary approach,
which I tried to nurture during undergraduate
and graduate studies by exposing myself to a
diverse array of seemingly polar topics and
searching for their possible relationships in a
practical context.

4. Stating how academic study or
professional training related to
ones interest would benefit
the applicant

The stringent six-month training program offered by your
company will equip me with the skills to thrive in the civil
engineering profession and to more significantly
contribute to my consultancy firms offered services.

Your excellent research environment and abundant
academic resources will enhance my research
capabilities and equip me with the competence to fully
realize fully my career aspirations.

The opportunity to receive training at your company
would allow me to fully realize my career aspirations.
The environmental engineering group in your company is
the undisputed leader in environmental engineering in
Taiwan. Renowned for its strong organizational culture
and management structure, your company offers
professional training that can enhance my work.

Interacting with the highly skilled professionals of your
company will undoubtedly provide me with a practical
context for the academic training that I have received.

I am impressed with your companys commitment to
nurturing professionals in the construction engineering
sector through your comprehensive six-month training
program, from which I will definitely benefit.

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