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Strategic Planning

Governing Board Online Training Module

measures. and timelines • Indicates parties accountable for accomplishing tasks • Usually expressed in 5 to 10 year time periods .What is a Strategic Plan? • • • • A written document mapping the path to success The “recipe” to achieve the vision and mission A step-by-step guide to reach goals Contain goals. objectives.

The Value Provided • The value of the strategic planning process • The value of using and monitoring a strategic plan • The value of the strategic plan for the governing board .

not reactive .The Value of the Strategic Planning Process • An opportunity to discuss and articulate the vision and mission • Requires an examination of the school’s values. and environment • Develops common vocabulary for all stakeholders • Empowers stakeholders to feel in control of the school’s future • Proactive. current status.

The Value of Using and Monitoring a Strategic Plan • Ensures a path toward fulfilling the vision and mission • Gives meaning and direction to day-to-day activities for administration and staf • Establishes a value-based means of tracking process • Increases the likelihood of the school’s success • Builds a shared vision for all stakeholders • Garners broad-based support .

The Value of a Strategic Plan for the Governing Board • • • • • • • • Focus the work of the governing board Efficient allocation of time and resources Better decision-making Evaluation tool Continuity and survival Consensus and ownership School accreditation plan (improvement plan) Grant writing and fundraising .

other key individuals • Include a variety of personalities. and thinking styles • Include others through indirect means • Session leader should be neutral (not the board chair or principal) . principal. backgrounds.The Strategic Planning Team • Keep the group small and manageable: entire governing board.

The Strategic Planning Process • Environmental Inventory • Strategy Formulation • Strategy Implementation The strategic plan vs. strategic thinking .


O.Environmental Inventory The S. Analysis • Internal Environment • S – Strengths • W – Weaknesses • External Environment • O – Opportunities • T – Threats • Think in terms of • • • • • Competition and customers Political influences and environments Economic conditions Social impacts Technological advancements .W.T.

Students leaving our school will be college and career ready with a strong work ethic and a superior educational foundation. cohesive.O. and strong accountability requirements to keep students engaged and invested in their own education. material  resources  Capital campaign Partnerships with local governmental entities for  facilities-related opportunities  Facility options with current landlord and others Professional development for staf and governing board  Continued networking with the school district for a  teacher induction program Networking with the charter school and business  communities  Building strong partnerships with the PTO Weaknesses  Open Court Math Program Facility space constraints  Disproportionate level of parental involvement (80/20  rule) between school volunteers and PTO Waning energy and enthusiasm  Communication at all levels   Limited library Limited budget  Transportation  Lack of all-day kindergarten  Lack of before/after school program  Threats Local political climate  Academically diverse student population efect on  standardized test scores Local district increase in test scores  Safety of school community due to traffic issues   Less-than-full funding compared to a district school . one-on-one tutoring. Analysis Grid • Vision statement: Utah Charter School will be a highly sought after school providing a rigorous educational program within a culture that values strong character and discipline. we will provide support to students through peer counseling and mediation. visionary governing board  Good reputation in the charter school community   Good technology foundation Strong grant-writing team  Community support is strong  PTO  Opportunities Grants for library.S. textbooks.W.8 students. In serving at-risk K . • Mission statement: Utah Charter School will achieve its vision through implementing the Core Knowledge Curriculum utilizing project based instruction in an environment that supports strong character. dedicated.T. Strengths  Academically rigorous curriculum Strong and dedicated administration and staf  Safe and disciplined environment   Steady parental involvement Diverse. science materials.

finances • One to three goals for each • Comprehensive look at school • Distributed responsibility • Articulate long-term goals • Manageable number of goals • Five to ten year time periods .Strategy Formulation • Examine the vision and mission statements • Identify “functional areas” • Examples: Governing Board. educational program. facility.

Setting Goals • • • • • • • • Understandable Acceptable Flexible Measureable Inspirational Suitable Achievable SMART Specific. Research-based. Measurable. Attainable. Time phased .

Strategy Implementation • • • • Annual objectives Strategies Individuals responsible Status and schedule .

Attend and participate in trainings C.December 2013 3. Review subcommittee needs G.T. Review strategic plan quarterly at governing board meeting D. 30-minutes board development at each meeting C. Include PTO on governing board meeting agendas Status/Schedule A. Continue strengthening and developing the governing board. Provide support to PTO for planned activities Strategies A. Consent agenda G. Present middle school plan to governing board for review and feedback A. Board/Ongoing B. Review S. beginning with July 2013 meeting B. Establish opportunity for team building A. Board/Ongoing E. Improve timeliness of information for board meeting packets E. Develop middle school implementation plan A. administration. Tim . Establish lunch/playground support C. Delegate responsibilities to parents A. and d a discipline design model . results E. Strengthen internal and external A. Improve knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order and Utah's Open & Public Meetings Act B. Improve relations between governing board and families D. Review strategic plan D. Create a long-term middle school development plan that incorporates all subjects. Perform governing board selfevaluation E. Improve preparation for governing board meetings F. Include 5-minute training at each governing board meeting B.O. Host "Meet the governing board" functions C. Board 2. Ongoing D. ● improved board planning A. Attend PTO meetings/functions D. Solicit retirees for volunteer help C. Recruit parents to serve on subcommittees D.The Strategic Plan Table Long Term Objectives Annual Objectives 1. Monthly. Chair/Ongoing F.W. Monthly C. Engage community relations community relations committee B. TBD C. August of each year A. Develop official plan for community relations B. Board/Ongoing G. June of every year D.

W.T. analysis grid) • The strategic plan table .O.Documenting the Written Strategic Plan • Vision and mission statements • Environmental inventory results (S.

Continuous Improvement • • • • • Share the plan Commit to using the plan Revisit the plan Evaluate efectiveness Celebrate accomplishments .

Summary • Written document • Comprehensive • Manageable • Shared • Value • In the existence of a plan • In the development of the plan • In monitoring the plan • Guiding board action • Proactive .