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Lecture # 5 & 10
Mujahid Mehdi Abro

Indus University Karachi

Tubes etc) .Winding Process Input = Yarn (Spinning Bobbin) Output = Yarn (Large Cones.

Objectives of Winding Process  Inspect the yarn  Clearing of defects  Lubricate the yarn  Conversion of yarn from small package to bigger package .

Winding Process  Bobbin unwinding zone  Tension Zone  Clearing Zone  Joining Zone  Winding Zone .

.Clearing Zone Next. The two yarn ends are then joined back together using either a knotting or splicing device. The clearing device detects the defects in the yarn and activates a mechanism which cuts the yarn for defect removal. the yarn moves to the clearing and joining zones.

Yarn clearer Yarn clearer is the device which is used to remove the following faults of yarn in order to increase the yarn quality and weaving efficiency. Faults of yarn are as follows • • • • Thick and thin places  Slab and neps  Loose fabric  Foreign materials .

Electronic type   a. Capacitance type b. Mechanical Type    2.Types of Yarn Clearer   There are two types of yarn clearer   1. Photo electric type .

. The distance between the plates is adjustable to allow only a predetermined yarn diameter to pass through. These types of devices can only detect and deal with thick places in the yarn. A thicker spot on yarn (slub) will cause the tension on the yarn build up and eventually breaks the yarn.Mechanical type: A mechanical clearer may be as simple as two parallel blades.

which can be set to send a signal to cut the yarn and stop the winding process. the quality of the yarn can be improved during the winding process. the yarn is cut. When the generated signal reaches a certain value. As a result. the yarn passes between light coming to the photo cell.Electronic type: Capacitive: In capacitive type detector. The signal is not based on the physical dimension of the yarn. Photoelectric: In photoelectric detector. which changes the resistance of the photocell. This resistance change is detected by a signal conditioning amplifier. the variation in the mass of the yarn passing through the plates changes the capacitance of the unit. The latest yarn clearing systems can also detect foreign fibers. It should be emphasized that the system measures the mass of the yarn. . These fibers are classified and eliminated during the winding process.

Comprise between mechanical and electronic clearer • Electronic clearer are more sensitive than mechanical clearers • In case of mechanical clearers there is abrasion between yarn and clearer parts but in case of electronic clearers there is no such abrasion • Mechanical clearers do not prevent soft slab from escaping through clearer where as electronic type does not allow passing of any types of faults • Mechanical type does not break the thin places and the length of the fault is not considered • Mechanical clearer are simple and easy to maintain while the electronic clearers are costly and requires high standard of maintenance .

. The tube or cheese has all sides parallel. and the cone is formed with a tapered shape.Winding Packages Winder packages are usually shaped into a cone. tube or cheese as shown in the slide.