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types of rooms in hotels

Shahana Abdul Razak
Sibeen Nasir
Rashely Joyson Albuquerque
Shibly Abubakr
Subah Latheef

single room

Room that features a single bed

double room

Room that features a double

twin room Room that features 2 single beds .

hollywood twin room Room that features 2 single beds with a common headboard .

triple room Room that features 3 single beds .

quad room Room that features 4 single beds .

queen room Room that features a queen bed .

king room Room that features a king bed .

double double room/ twin double family room Room that features 2 double beds .

studio room Room that features a single bed and has all the minimum requirements like a mini kitchen and washroom attached .

sico room Room that features a murphy bed . room Room that features a separated seating area overlooking the scenic setting of the site along with bed space. washroom .

connecting room When 2 rooms can be combined with doors on common walls of the 2 rooms .

adjoining room When 2 rooms are connected with only 1 door on the common wall .

adjacent room Rooms that are planned adjacent to each other – could be side by side or even across the hallway .

cabana room Rooms that face water bodies oceans/swimming pools .

duplex/bi–level room Room that features 2 levels .

efficiency room Room that features a mini kitchen along with the other typical features and amenities expected of a typical hotel room .

hospitality room Room in which the guests can be entertained by the hotel staff .

like in the case of resort hotels .lanai room Room that has views overlooking the natural scenic settings of the site.

parlour/saloon room Room that doesn’t have bed – its used only for meetings/conference. or even as offices .

Sample room .

family room Room that features kid-friendly design .

penthouse room Rooms designed on the topmost floor of the hotel structure .

.executive room fully furnished executive style apartments.

Other rooms and spaces Entrance lobby. reception lounge Ball room(s) Restaurant(s) and adjacent rooms Bar lounge(s) Retail showroom spaces that are rented out Rooms adjacent to the pool area Service rooms .

Entrance lobby & reception lounge .

ball room .



Restaurants and adjacent rooms .

famous buildings/monuments.Kitchen Staff canteen Storage-cold/dry Seating area Related Administrative Office spaces Washrooms Other important factors include views and adjacencies to the various features of the hotel like the pool. landscaped boulevards. the natural landscape. etc… .

bar lounges .

retail spaces .

rooms adjacent to the poo l area .


Service rooms Electrical room Mechanical room Generator room Gas room Pump room Sump/ drainage room Storage rooms House keeping Laundry Pantry .

Administrative spaces Offices for the administrative staff including:  General Manager  Front desk operator(s)  Concierge(s)  Chief Finance Controller and associate Accountants  Engineering department staff  Staff locker room .