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Virgin Islands are 40-50 miles east of Puerto 40Rico They extend from west to east about 60 miles at the top of the arc of Caribbean Islands. The climate is tropical with average winter, day time temp. of 78 degree F.&summer daytime temp. of 82 degree F.

Although Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the Virgin Islands but the first to come to these islands were the Amerindians. Columbus named these islands on the untouched beauty of the legend of St. Ursula and their 11,000 virgins



Cuisine of BVI is a flavor for all tastes. From West Indian to Cordon Bleu Cuisine, the British Virgin Islands have a restaurant to satisfy every palate, mood and budget.

‡ With its series of small villages ‡
and close-knit communities there closeis a home like feeling to the British Virgin Islands. The British virgin Islands culture is reflected in many forms including such indigenous music such as Fungi, a form of scratch band music. The Heritage Dancers, an island folk dance group, performs dances in the BVI


‡ Animals and plants are in abundance in BVI. ‡ Neither lush nor overly dry. ‡ The mountain tops are covered for much of the year
from tropical trees, bushes and scrubs. ‡ Most prevalent of these trees is the wild tamarind. ‡ Creatures across the BVI can seem both strange and wonderful.

‡ The Anegada Rock Iguana and the Green Iguana. ‡ Small tree frogs which are known for their melodic
chirping call. ‡ The islands· only wild mammal is Mongoose. ‡ Magnificent Frigate-a sea bird whose wing span can Frigatereach eight feet.

‡ BVI celebrate a carnival during August to observe
the 1834 slavery emancipation. ‡ Spirits of joy with lots of dances, parties, parades, J·Ouvert (street revelers dance behind live bands in the early morning.), queen shows, prince and princess competitions. ‡ Another highlight is the horse race which is held on August Tuesdays.

‡ Roti: Flavorful East Indian bread filled
with meat or vegetables. ‡ Pate: West Indian dish is baked /grilled styled pita bread filled with spiced meat, seafood or vegetable. ‡ Fungi: no way related to the mushroom, this delight is made from the corn meal and okra and is usually with seafood dishes.

‡ Whelks: a seasonal seafood
delicacy that is quite similar to escargot. ‡ Conch: another seafood delicacy ‡ Anegada lobster: the ultimate in BVI sea food delicacydelicacyreputed to be best in the Caribbean.

‡ Breadfruit a large shady tree, has a large
green fruit that is used as a starchy side dish. ‡ Banana trees are seen in the valleys, as are mangoes, whose succulent is popular here. ‡ Another popular fruit is the papaya, a fast growing plant whose oblong fruit is a lovely yellow apricot shape when ripe. ‡ Sugar apple, guava berries and sour sops are other fruits that flourish her



‡ American Virgin Islands are also called St. Thomas Islands. ‡ Today St. Thomas is a choice part of call among the cruise
lines and a popular Virgin Island vacation destination. ‡ The USVI consists of 4 larger islands and 50 small islets and cays. The total area of USVI is 133 square miles. ‡ Steep hillsides, thick with flowers and bright rooftops-a rooftopsfavorite of photographers.

‡ Food and drinks are the important part of the Virgin
Island culture. ‡ Local foods in the Virgin Islands include an assortment of Caribbean dishes. ‡ Drinks: Rum, Rum and more Rum« throughout the Caribbean, every major Island has a variety of its own rum. ‡ Rum was originally manufactured alongside sugar on sugar plantations in the Caribbean.

‡ Virgin Islands are well

known for its Cruzan Rum manufactured on St. Croix. ‡ Seamoss, a popular drink made of seaweed is boiled until it dissolves and then mixed with milk and spices. ‡ Mauby is made by boiling mauby bark with spices including cinnamon. ‡ Others favorites include passion fruit juice, «

‡ ‡ ‡

« pumpkin punch, sorrel, soursop punch, banana punch, coconut water, peanut punch, bush tea and lemon tea. The foods common to the Virgin Islands today are interactions between the indigenous Indians and Europeans. The Indians raised ground provisions like cassava and knew how to make bread from it. Many food items that are today synonymous with the islands such as breadfruits, limes, mangos and sugar cane. One dramatic and lasting result of Indian migration to the Caribbean is a spice mixture called curry.

‡ Asking for a recipe is often pointless ‡


as they do not cook with recipes but rather with memory and taste. Fish soup is popular and is eaten for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner! Callaloo soup is another popular dish; it is made of leaves from a daheen plant. plant. Stewed oxtail, beef, goat and chicken are all popular. Side dishes include rice and peas, yams, fried plantains, dasheen, sweet potato, cassava, beans and lentils

‡ The islands' true poison is Cruzan rum.. rum ‡ Long before the arrival of Coca-Cola and Coca‡ ‡ ‡
Pepsi, islanders concocted their own drinks with, including locally grown fruits. Fresh fruit concoctions are still available today. Cruzan Rum distillery was founded in 1760. Virgin Islands Rum Industries, Inc. Ironically enough, it's in an old rum distillery on the company's property. property.

‡ The word Carnival brings to mind an
assortment of images: ‡ for music lovers it might mean heated Calypso shows ‡ for children it brings to mind amusement park rides and cotton candy. ‡ To those who enjoy Caribbean delicacies Carnival may mean food fair and food/drink . ‡ And to anyone who has experienced the Carnival parades, the word certainly brings to mind steel drums, bands, colorful costumes

‡ No rain at all can stop de Carnival, Not ‡ ‡ ‡

even hurricanes can stop de Carnival because all de Creole de love their Carnival. The most anticipated cultural event of the year! Carnival is a festival celebrating freedom through dancing, singing, parades, pageantry, music, drinks, food, friends and fun. In the United States Virgin Islands Carnival events take place on St. Thomas in April/May, St. Croix in December /January and St. John in June/July

‡ Christiansted and
Frederiksted share responsibilities of having events. ‡ Calypso shows, Latin music venues, food fairs, horse races, parades and more contribute to the spectacular month long event.

‡ Animal life in the Virgin Islands
includes a variety of interesting creatures like iguanas, mongooses, donkeys, deer, pelicans, hummingbirds, herons, bats and more. There are also various lizards, frogs and insects & Bugs in the USVI. In the Virgin Islands some commonly sighted insects/bugs include roaches, bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, flies, ants termites and spiders.

‡ ‡

‡ Other insects/bugs that
exist here and are not commonly sighted but common none the less are moths, caterpillars, millipedes, beetles, tarantulas and scorpions.

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