Catalonia Cuisine

Culinary Catalan

Spontaneous, Complex, and Contradictory

Romanesque Art

Catalonia is in the north-east of the Spanish peninsula.

1:Barcelona 2: Girona 3: Lleida 4: Tarragona.

The term "Catalan Countries" refers to the land conquered by the Catalans during the Middle Ages.

There are lots of mountains in Catalonia. Mounts Aneto and Canigó are highest peaks. Also ski lovers dream.

There are plenty of lakes in Catalonia. "L'Encanyissada´and "Sant Maurici" are really beautiful.

Those looking for sunny beaches should head for Costa Dorada or Costa Brava (the coastline between Barcelona and Girona) Blanes,

The country and the cuisine of the Catalans is like the character of the people themselves. Catalonia is the land which played host to the rise of banditry and anarchy, but where good sense, thrift and the skill in determining how to act are respected to this day as fundamental virtues.

Against such a background, a dish of chicken with shrimp stands to reason, surely?

Culinary Catalan
The first Spanish cookbooks come from Catalonia and were written in Catalan The first printed Catalan cookbook was the Libre del coch by Rupert de nola It contains not only instructions on culinary techniques, but also an extensive collection of Catalan recipes.

Olive oil Calçotada Angler fish Eels Shrimp


Truffle Mushroom Cava Cheese Tarragon

Romesco: Combination of tomatoes, onions, dried chillies, almonds and toasted hazelnuts.


Alioli: Compound dressing of olive oil and garlic. It is served as a side dish with meat and fish.

Sofrito: Sauce based on onion, garlic, tomato and parsley.

Easy Parmesan Crisps
Crowd pleasing hors d'oeuvres that can be prepared in minutes

Four Cheese Potato-Stuffed Mushrooms
A rich mushroom appetizer topped with cheese

Classically Quick Bruschetta
Tomato canapé garnished with parmesan Cheese

Vic a major city of Catalonia is known for ³special´ sausages.

Morruda & Farga- Makes golden yellow olive oil.

Arbequina- Small and green when picked young, served
as Tapas. Violet black when ripe makes extra virgin olive oil.

Faves a la Catalana: vegetables
cooked in a clay pot with various types of meats, and cansalada, vegetables and "bolets³ (mushrooms).

Calçots: A Variant of the onion that is
cooked to the ember and is flavoured with a sauce elaborated with tomato, pepper, mint and hazelnuts.

Tomato bread
This brings back fond memories: the deliciousness of that tomato bread that their mothers prepared for them when they came home from school. It is either eaten with cheese, smoked ham,or sausage and sardines

Canalones- Stuffed rolls of pasta brought by the Swiss &
Italians.Typical dish is Canalones a la Catalana.

Fricandó: Fillets of veal cooked with plums, pinions, tomatoes, onion and ³rovellons´ (a kind of mushroom).

Mar i Muntanya (Sea and Poultry): The meat and the fish are presented in the same plate. It can be made with different varieties of both foods.


Catalans have always practiced a cuisine based on foraging. In the fall when the mushroom hunters bring their ware to the town , the displays gleam golden brown with these treasures.

The eating of mushrooms has all the qualities of fine opera: exuberant,varied, and sensual.

Mushroom Varieties
1.Oyster cap: The flavour is mild. 2.Tricholoma: It has a slightly mealy aroma. 3.Steinpilz: Very good to eat; has a slightly nutty flavor. 4.Chantrelle: Tasty edible mushroom. But it is difficult to digest. 5. Parasol: Caps good for frying; stems rather tough.Should not be eaten raw.

Commercially collected truffles 1. Perigord truffle -black in colour. 2. Tuber brunale- also black in colour. 3. White summer truffle. Their season is from December to march. Bought & sold at special markets expensively. They are used with sea food salad and all most everything.

The Spanish are a race of festive people.They have vast number of festivals accompanied with an equal number of confectionaries.

Christmas- Turron de Navidad. Easter Monday- Mona de Pasqua. Good Friday- Bunyols
de quaresma.

Crema Catalana
Cream made from egg, burned sugar, lemon zest & corn flour

Coca de Sant Joan
Summer sweet of wide variety.

Small cakes of potato, pinion, almond,sugar,cacoa,coco.

Sea food
Head¶s Soup, liver sauce & pate, cheek fillet. Classically served with mushroom and alioli. For example Costa Brava. Arenys, Gambas, Longotinos. Had as tapas,fried on a griddle or salads.

Shrimp variety-

Eel- Freshly procured.Popularly cooked with
garlic and pepper, it is also baked with almonds and wine, or soaked and broiled.

Classical Dishes
Rape a la marina- Monkfish mariner style. Suquet de peix- Catalan fish stew. Gambas al ajillo- Garlic shrimp. Pollo con langosta- Chicken with spiny

Canalones a la catalana- Cannelloni
Catalan style.

Suprema de Merluza Con TrufaMedallions of hake with truffles.

Setas con caracoles- Mushrooms with

Mato- Coagulated with rennet of vegetable
origin. It has granular consistency.It is had with honey as a dessert.

Roncal-It is a small hard cheese.The greenish
moldy is occasionally covered in olive oil.It is tangy in taste.

Tupi- It is a spreading cheese with an aggressive,
piquant flavor.It is made from sheep¶s milk.

Wine was first made in Catalonia by the monks who came from Rhine and Burgundy.

Wines from this place was always the finest. It was even exported for the Pope. Winery placed Catalonia on the world cuisine map.

Catalonia is specially known for its sparkling wines.

Wine producing Areas

Cava the wine is made by the traditional method of bottle fermentation. Which is, the wine is fermented and matured in the bottle.

³Slides down Nice and easy´ Cava is a specialty of Catalonia and until recently it held a Monopoly.

Cava Brands
Gran vina sol Reserva Real

Nerola Fransola Mac la plana

San Valentin


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