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Wireless Devices
Introduction of Computer &
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What is Wireless devices?

A device which is use to transfer of
information between two or more points that
are not connected by an electrical conductor.


Example of Wireless Devices

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Wireless comes of Age

Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless telegraph in 1896
Communication by encoding alphanumeric character in analog
Sent telegraphic signals across the Atlantic Ocean.
Communication satellites launched in 1957.
Advances in wireless technology:
Radio,television,mobile telephones,communication satellites
More recently:
Satellite communication ,wireless networking,cellular technology
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Why Wireless?
mostly radio transmission, new protocols for data
transmission are needed
Ad hoc networks without former planning

No problems with wiring

Generally very low transmission rates for higher numbers of
Restricted frequency range ,interferences of frequencies

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The world's first wireless telephone .
Photophone is also called Radiophone.
Alexander Graham BellandCharles Sumner
Tainter invented thephotophone.
Thephotophone is
atelecommunicationsdevice which allowed
for thetransmissionof speech on a beam

Audio conversations wirelessly over

modulatedlight beams.
Photophone was a precursor to thefiberoptic communicationsystems which
achieved worldwide popular usage starting
in the 1980s.

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The Radio is type of Wireless Transmission.
Wireless Media that transfer data by carrying
Electromagnetic waves with Low frequencies
to distant locations through an Electrical
conductor and an Antenna.

The Transmission frequency for information

transmitted through a Radio System range
from 10KHz to 1 GHz and the frequencies are
regulated by the Fedral communication
commission (FCC).

Now, Radio is used to describe modern Wireless

communication such as Cellular Networks and
Wireless Broadband Internet.

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Satellite communication is one of the

Wireless technologies
Widely spread all over the world.
Communicates directly with orbiting
satellite via Radio signals.
Portable satellite phones and Modems
have more powerful Broadcasting abilities
than the cellular Devices.
e.g. for outlifting the ship through
satellite communication, a traditional
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Boardband Wireless
provides high-speedwirelessInternet
accessorcomputer networkingaccess over
a wide area.

Higher data rate obtainable with broadband

wireless technology
e.g. Graphics,video,audio

advantages of all wireless service:

Convenience and reduce cost
Services can be developed faster than fixed

No cost of cable plant service

Service is mobile ,deployed almost anywhere.
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Wireless Ad hoc
also known as IBSS - Independent Basic
Service Set.

Wireless Ad hoc networks is a specific type of

wireless networks when no infrastructure

Multi Ad hoc networks:

Sensor networks

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LTE stand for Long Term Evolution
Standard for wireless
communication of High speed
data for mobiles phones.
Based on GSM/EDGE and
UMTS\HSPA network
Natural upgrade path for carriers
with both network technologies
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Local area wireless computer networking
Allows electronic devices to connect to tha network
Wi-Fi Alliance defines WiFi as Wireless local area

Term Wi-Fi is used as synonym for WLAN
Trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance
Devices that used WiFi are PCs, video game
console, Smart phones,Dijital cameras , Tablets and
Dijital audio players
Hotspot Wi-Fi
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Infrared (IR)
Infrared is a media transmission system that
transmits data signals through LEDs or Lasers.

Infrared is a Electromagnetic Energy having

Longer wavelength than Red Light.

Information cannot be travelled through

Obstacles in a infrared system but can be
inhibited by light.

One type of infrared is the point to point system

in which transmission possible between two
points limited to a range and line of sight

The signal frequency to transmit in a point to

point system 100GHz to 1000THz and the speed
ranges from 100Kbps to 16Mbps.
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Infrared Based Devices

Thermographic camera
Infrared countermeasure
Consumer IR
Infrared blaster
Passive infrared sensor
Bose SoundDock
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Thermographic camera
Is also called infrared camera or thermal
imaging camera.
Device that forms an image usinginfrared
radiation, similar to a
commoncamerathat forms an image

In 1929, First thermographic camera

invented infrared-sensitive (night vision)
electronic television camera for anti-aircraft
defense in Britain.
have a single color channel, does not
distinguish differentwavelengthsof
infrared radiation.
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Infrared countermeasure
designed to protect aircraft frominfrared homing missiles by confusing
the missiles'infraredguidance system so that they will miss their target.

Consumer IR
wide variety of devices employing theinfraredelectromagnetic
spectrumforwireless communications.
Most commonly found intelevisionremote controls

Infrared blasters

emulates aninfrared remote controlto autonomously control a device that

is normally controlled only by remote control key presses.

Most common use in recording devices such as DVR or VCR to change the
channel on an external tuner.

Another common use is to extend infrared signals in order to place remote

controlled products behind closed doors.
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A Bluetooth device uses Radio waves
instead of wires or cables to connect
to a phone or computer.
.Bluetooth is an open specification
for wireless communication and
Personal computers
Mobile phones
Other wireless devices
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Wireless USB

Short range ,high bandwidth

Based on ultra-wideband(UWB)
common radio platform.
Capable of sending 480 Mbits\s at
distance upto 3 metres(9.8 ft) and
110 Mbits\s at upto 10 metres(33 ft).
Wireless USB is based on theUltraWideBand(UWB) platform, which
operates in the 3.1 to 10.6GHz
frequency range,
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Wireless Phones
Many different users communicate
across a single frequency band
through cellular and cordless phones
Cellular and cordless phones are two
more examples of devices that make
use of wireless signals.
Some phones make use of signals
from satellites to communicate
similar to global positioning
system(GPS) devices.
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Wireless adapters are hardware
devices that are installed inside
computers which enables wireless
If a computer does not have a wireless
adapter, it will not be able to connect
to a router in order to access the
Some computers have wireless adapters
built directly into the motherboard,
while it is also possible to install standalone wireless adapters to add wireless
capability to a computer that does not
have a built-in facility.

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A Wireless repeater is a wireless
networking device that is used to
extend the range of wireless router.
A Repeater receives wireless signals
and amplifies the strength of the
signals, and then re-emits .
The strength of the signal can be
increased by placing a repeater
between the router and the computer
connected to the router.
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Cordless Computer
Two types of cordless peripherals
i. Infrared (IR) based on optical principle
ii. radio frequency (RF) based on wave principle.
. IR is cheaper, has less interference. But requires direct optical
contact between peripherals and receiver.

. Some devices as shown below:

i. Wireless keyboards
ii. Remote controls
iii. Wireless printers

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Wireless keyboard
allows the user to communicate with

computers, tablets, or laptops with the

help of radio
In case of RF, its communication range
about 27 MHz to 2.4 GHz.
Infrared based keyboards use light
waves to transmit signals to other
infrared enabled devices.
Most wireless keyboards works on 2.4
Todays Widely used BT based

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Remote controlis a component of an electronic device such as
atelevision set,DVD player, or other home appliance, used to
operate the devicewirelesslyfrom a short distance.
Commonly, remote controls areConsumer IRdevices which
send digitally-coded pulses of infrared radiation to control
functions such as power, volume, tuning, temperature set point,
fan speed, or other features.
Remote controls for these devices are usually small wireless
handheld objects with an array of buttons for adjusting various
settings such astelevision channel, track number,
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Earlier remote controls in 1973 usedultrasonictones. The

remote control code, and thus the required remote control
device, is usually specific to a product line, but there
areuniversal remotes, which emulate the remote control
made for most major brand devices.
Remote control has continually evolved and advanced over
recent years to includeBluetoothconnectivity,motion
sensor-enabled capabilities andvoice control.

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Wireless Printers
There are several printers on market that have WiFi
transceivers built into them.
Network administrators must first comes install the
printer to the network so that other devices connected
to the system can locate the printer.
Once connected, compatible devices can send print
jobs to the printer.
This comes handle for offices or households with lots
of computers.
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