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Introduction is an Individuals / Groups / Company…….?? .

The Independent Inventor Most people invented something  Gadget for making task easier or method for increasing the economy  No real return to the inventors  Fault on the inventor for not writing down the idea  Due to lack of knowledge and awareness  .

 Inventor needs good communications skills. to describe his ideas and designs clearly. but basic concepts of invention still the product of an individual’s imagination. .The Independent Inventor  Complexities of modern technology results in a belief that inventing is just for professionals.  Era of individual inventor is long past.

whereas imagination embraces the entire world. for knowledge is limited.” Albert Einstein .“Imagination is more important than knowledge.


novel. to see and solve problems no one else may know exists. and to engage in mental and physical experiences that are new. Creativity is the ability to see something in a new way. produce works of art. or different. solve problems in new ways. or develop an idea based on an original. . unique. or unconventional approach.What is Creativity is the ability to think up and design new inventions.

There are failures as well as successes. . ation can start the process. ion is a creative process. device. Inventions often extend the aries of human knowledge or experience. ion is often an exploratory process.What is ention is a new composition. An open and curious mind allows an or to see beyond what is known. with an uncertain or wn outcome. ors are often famous for their confidence. inventions typically have to be developed. but no matter how complete the idea. or process developed tudy and experimentation. ors believe in their ideas and they do not give up in the face of many failures. their perseverance eir passion.

Brand-new or just a bit different. . industry and style of innovation are irrelevant. An innovation can be clearly complex or seemingly simple. it doesn't matter. an innovation impact determines its qualification. An innovation can be big or small. The Innovation is the introduction of something new – a new idea. Innovations are often thought of in terms of technical achievement. method or devices. but can also be a design.

Obtaining a pate s also a means of establishing recognition of an invention and th rimacy of the inventor.What atent is a property right for an invention granted by a governme o the inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time in xchange for a public disclosure of an invention. he purpose of a patent is to protect an inventor and give him an conomic advantage in capitalizing on his work. protecting him from unlawful imitation o ompetition. the main objective of a patent is to empower an inventor o prevent others from utilizing the invention without authorizati . n fact.

(any products) Contents: o Introduction of Product o Development of Product includes: > Product Inventor > Product Features > Product Innovation & Creativity o Conclusion o Recommendation Requirements: Report & Slide PowerPoint .Group Project 1 (20%): Project Title: History of ………….

Group Project 2 (30%): Project Title: New Product Development & Innovation Marketing Contents: o Introduction of Product o Development of Product includes: > Idea & Design > Product Features > Product Innovation & Creativity > Marketing: 4 P’s o Conclusion o Recommendation Requirements: Report & Slide PowerPoint Presentation : Week 13 .

“Necessity is not the mother of invention.” . Imagination is.