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The driver of the vehicle will select an appropriate tire pressure from inside the vehicle MEANINGS :  INFLATE : To fill (something) with air or gas so as to make it swell.  DEFLATE :  To release contained air or gas from .  Tires need more air while driving on hard surfaces at high speeds and less air for driving on soft surfaces such as soil or sand.What Is It…  The Self inflating tires is designed to inflate or deflate tires automatically.

.  Notify the driver of the problem.INFLATING TYRES Tires-inflation systems Job:  Detect when the air pressure in a particular tire has dropped. Inflate that tire back to the proper level.

Types Of Self Inflating Tires System  CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System )  TMS (Tire Maintenance System )  MTIS( Meritor Tire Inflation System) .

There's a pressure relief vent to vent air from the tire.  They have a method for sensing the tire pressures. .  They have an air source.COMMON ELEMENTS OF INFLATION SYSTEMS: They use valve to isolate individual tires to prevent airflow.  There's a way to get the air from the air source to the tires.

CTIS an inside look: .

the brain of the system is mounted behind the passenger seat.CTIS’s Primary functions:  A wheel valve is present which isolate the tire from the system when it's not in use. .  An electronic control unit (ECU).  CTIS includes a speed sensor provide information about current speed & in turn CTIS maintain the optimum tire pressure.  An operator control panel let customize tire pressure model.  CTIS gives priority to the Brakes since the brakes & the tire share air from the same compressor.

CTIS a closer look (At the wheel): .

 The Manifold. . It also has a electronic control unit that runs the entire system.Tire Maintenance System (TMS): TMS’s primary components :  The Rotary Joint.

Wheel-end assembly: .

Controls: .

Air enters into the tires .

.Future of Self Inflating Tires: TIPM (Tire Intelligent Pressure Management)   Entire system  Cycloid Air Pump system.

.  The user must have the basic know how of the relation between the pressure and road condition.  Heavier than general vehicle.Disadvantages  Too many components  More costly than the conventional tires.  Requires more maintenance.

.Conclusion Self inflating tires are going to be used in the bicycles and motorcycles along with the four or more wheelers through out the world and an era will definitely come soon when there will be only self inflating tires in practice.