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Doing the Right Things Right

Agenda What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Understanding the PPM lifecycle and core processes Introducing Microsoft EPM solution Demonstration Implementing Microsoft EPM solution Conclusion: Realized PPM Benefits .

selecting and managing a portfolio of projects in alignment with key performance metrics and strategic business objectives .What Is Project Portfolio Management? Project Portfolio Management is the continuous process of identifying.

Select And Deliver The Right Things 0% Improving Portfolio Management Unrealized Value Realized Value Value from Improving Project Management Value from Portfolio Management DOING THE RIGHT THINGS 100% Project Management DOING THINGS RIGHT 100 % .

How PPM Helps The Organization Alignment Portfolio with Business Management Objectives Enterprise Visibility & Project Control Management Work Collaboration Management Executives and Portfolio Managers PMO. Resource and Project Managers Project Team Members Processes and Tools Demand Management Portfolio Selection Capacity Planning Portfolio Reporting Resource Management Financial Management Project Reporting Project Scheduling Program Management Time Reporting Team Collaboration .

Project Portfolio Management Lifecycle Create Select Plan Manage .

Core PPM Processes Create Plan Select Manage Demand Management Portfolio Selection Capacity Planning Resource Management Financial Management Time Reporting Portfolio Reporting Project Reporting Project Scheduling Team Collaboration Program Management .

Create Standardize the collection of all work across the Enterprise Create Select Capture all requests. valuation criteria and templates Control investments through governance workflow Plan Manage . from work orders to strategic projects Standardize metrics.

Select Invest in project portfolios that align with strategic priorities Create Select Objectively prioritize business drivers and drive consensus Derive varying priority scores to evaluate competing investments Identify portfolios that align with strategy and maximize ROI Utilize advanced portfolio analytical techniques to reach the Efficient Frontier Plan Manage .

Plan Finalize project delivery roadmap based on resource availability Create Select Identify  resource gaps across the planning horizon Finalize release roadmap and headcount requirements  to maximize resource utilization Search for team members with availability and assign to project Finalize plan and baseline before moving into execution Plan Manage .

Manage Measure and track performance at the project and portfolio level Create Select Collaborate to effectively deliver selected projects Proactively monitor portfolio performance and visualize trends Drill down to the project level to assess risks. actual and forecast values Take corrective actions to improve project performance Plan Manage . issues and status Track and compare budget.

Microsoft Project Evolution 200 8 Financial Management Resource Managemen t 199 6 Scheduling Simple Reporting Task Management E-mail and Print Resource Tracking Portfolio Management Reporting Program Management Project Collaboration .

Resource & Project Managers + Team Members LoB Systems .EPM Solution Architecture Executives & Portfolio Managers + PMO.

EPM SOLUTION Create Select Plan Manage .

Demo Storyboard .

Gradually Mature Your PPM Processes Assess your current maturity and plot a course for Plan Create Select Manage success Phase 3 Phase 3 Future State Phase 2 Phase 1 Current State Phase 3 Phase 3 Future Phase State2 Future State Phase 2 Phase 1 Phase 1 Current State Current State Phase Future2 State Phase 1 Optimized Managed Defined Repeatable Current State Initial .

There Is No Particular Order Start Top Down or Bottom Up Top Down Top Down Portfolio Management Do The Right Things Create Manage Select Plan Project Management Bottom up Do Things Right Bottom Up .

”  “We are moving away from what I consider an ad hoc model of planning where we would initiate a project without considering the effect it would have on the greater organization." Visibility Maximize Value CREATE SELECT MANAGE PLAN Improve Effectivenes s Reduce Execution Risk “Our Microsoft Office 2007 EPM Deployment is gives our executives easy access to the clear and concise information they need to manage our complete portfolio of projects.” . I’d say we save 60–65 percent in Improve straight efficiency.” "The Microsoft Office EPM Solution is giving us a much better handle on the decisions we make.Realized Benefits “We have unbelievable visibility of what’s going on in the corporation and that’s all because of Microsoft Office EPM Solution. It is helping us move to a more strategic project model.

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