Module 1

d. c. A hot water supply boiler is a boiler furnishing hot water to be used externally to itself for washing. b. Economizer decreases the steam raising capacity of a boiler. it may lead to scaling. Packaged boilers can be either fire tube boiler or water tube boiler used for ICI.  Which of the following statement is incorrect? a. If and gases are not removed before entering the boiler.Question 1 (MC) by: Angelyn Yeung •1. .

2 feedwater.Question 2 & 3 (ID) by: Angelyn Yeung 2. Equipment used to remove dissolved gasses in the boiler feedwater. . It is where some of the heat are recovered for pre-heating boiler 3 . . 3.

Acid cleaning cannot remove scale from boiler tubes and drums c. Acid cleaning can be done when the boiler is on line .Question 4 (MC) by: Patrick Dela Cruz 4. Acid cleaning requires less downtime than mechanical cleaning d. Scale forms on the outside of tubes in a water tube boiler b. Which statement is true? a.

Question 5 & 6 (ID) by: Patrick Dela Cruz 5. or by-products from a manufacturing process. ASME stands for? . A type of boiler which uses byproduct heat such as from a blast furnace in a steel mill. exhaust from a gas turbine. 6.

These are used to sound alarms when the water level in a boiler is low. It is a specially designed boiler. a. b. 8. d. c. 9 (MC) by Elijah Costales 7. specifically meant for self propelled traction vehicles on rails. Steam boiler Power boiler Locomotive boiler Steam generator . 9. This refers to a boiler or steam generator which receives feed water at one end of continuous tubes and discharges steam at the other end.Question 7 & 8 (ID).

In a boiler.Questions 10 & 11 (ID) by Darwin Eugenio 10. In a pulverized fuel boiler. 11. the boiler may ____. combustion occurs at temperatures ranging from 1300 to ____ degrees Celsius. . if the maximum operating pressure is reached.

a. blowdown c.Question 12 (MC) by Darwin Eugenio 12. blow-over d. water replacement b. sucking . A process that removes boiler water with a high concentration of solids and replaces it with feedwater containing a low concentration of solids.

Fuel system d.Question 13 (MC) by John Ryan Pascual A boiler system comprises the following except: a. Feed water system c. Heating system . Steam system b.

Question 14 (MC) by John Ryan Pascual It gives recommendations for the control of water side conditions of steam boilers and the preparation of feed water for such plant. BS 2486 : 1997 b. a. BS 2790 : 1992 c. BS 1113 :1992 d. BS 2568 : 1997 .

Question 15 (ID) by John Ryan Pascual What is the most common type of packaged boiler? .

ANSWERS 1. Economizer (from 6-Pages from boiler room guide) 3. A (from 6-Pages from boiler room guide) 2. Deaerator (from 6-Pages from boiler room guide) .

ANSWERS 4.pdf) 5.pdf) 6. Waste-heat boiler (from 9-Pages from Standard_Boiler_Operators_Questions_and_Ans wers_(Elonka_&_Kohan). American Society of Mechanical Engineers (from 9-Pages from Standard_Boiler_Operators_Questions_and_Ans wers_(Elonka_&_Kohan). C (from 8-APTI Material SI 428A_4Operation&Maintenance.pdf) .

9 (MC) 7. Fusible Plugs (Operation and Maintainance) 9. Locomotive boiler (Standard Boiler Operators Questions and Answers) .Question 7 & 8 (ID). Once-through boiler (Standard Boiler Operators Questions and Answers) 8. C.

UNEPPresentation on Boilers –Handouts) . (from 8-APTI Material SI 428A_4Operation&Maintenance. combustion occurs at temperatures ranging from 1300 to 1700 degrees Celsius.pdf) 11. In a boiler. the boiler will explode. (1.Question 10 & 11 (ID) 10. if the maximum operating pressure is reached. In a pulverized fuel boiler.

blowdown (source: 2-Slides on Boiler Fundamentals.pdf) . b.Question 12 (MC) 12.

Question 13 (MC) 13. d. Heating system (source: 3-Pages from Boilers_and_ThermicFluid_Heaters.pdf) .

a.Question 14 (MC) 14.pdf) . BS 2486 : 1997 (source: 2-Slides on Boiler Fundamentals.

pdf) .Question 15 (ID) 15. 3 pass units with 2 sets of fire tubes (source: 2-Slides on Boiler Fundamentals.