Parallel Structure

Compiled by :
Fujy Damayanti
Iha Mufliha
Julia Mitha Rinardi
Oktania Cinanti Murti
Surnia Sari

and books.or all should be verbs of the same tense and number.for example. Example :  Little children enjoy toys.all should be adjectives or adjective pharses.trimmed.nor. Before meat is cooked.verbs.or all should be phrases.PARALLEL STRUCTURE The term paralellel structure refers to “a string” of noun.board should be washed. . All pieces of the string must be of the same type.or.pharses.or clauses that have similarities in structure and are often joined by one of the following conjuctions : And.adjectives.and cut.but.

Coorelative conjutions tie together pairs of structure: both .....not only.nor..either .neither. Or.or.. .and comparisons : •Children enjoy both swimming and running •Either Mary with her sister or John with his brother is coming for dinner...whether.but also.. And.

Free electrons are not tightly bound to their atoms and (C. (D. political. and (B. and pleasant fragrance. serve and eat foods. Professional gardeners appreciate flowers for their (D. Attrative Shapes) gorgeous colors. 3. Statistics) 4. To bake fish.What people eat) And how they prepare. Students of economics take courses in such related fields as history. science. Brush it with) Butter and place it in a generously greased rectangular pen. Can move more easily) from one to another . 5. Customs influence (C.PART A 1. 2.

Visual) and hearing enable a person to understand written and spoken language. . The brain centers of (B. Classical ballet dancer perform their movements with an (C. Driven and parked) 8. Good manners should always govern the way people (D.The D’Aulaires were the (A. Husband and wife) team who wrote and illustrated children’s books. 9. Introduced) 7. If you are seated when a newcomer enters the room. 10. stand up to be greeted or (D. Open and direct) bearing.PART A 6.

and fear to maintain itself .PART B 1. shame. the stronger the connection between events. 2. Americans share a number of values. 4. (b) among them : their achievement. material comfort. Society use such human emotions as a (b) proud : pride . and democracy. practical. Stores can bring in more customers when they (b) staying : stay open longer hours or stock more things. guilt. Some individuals see the issue of smoking as a matter of personal freedom or (d) choices : choice 3. the (c) likely : like . they are to be retrieved 5. In long-term memory.

(c) colorfully : color . . linking and metal etching 10. A competitive company can increase its profit by cutting its costs or (d) increase its : increase it sales. hunt.PART B 6. Eskimos were the first people to live. Newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane emphasized (a) clearly : clear and brief stories and the use of bold headlines 8. 7. and (d) traveling : travel n the Siberian tundra 9.Daniel Boone was born in Pennsylvania but lived in several states and (d) die in : died in Missouri. Decorations on book covers include fabric embossing.