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Market Research for
understanding concept
and Marketing Mix in
case of the chosen


Why I have selected the product,
Iced Tea?
As the temperatures go up, the
need for an escape from the
scorching heat becomes a need
than a want. Iced tea is a form of
cold tea, usually served in a glass
with ice. It may or may not be
Five Competitive brands

1) Lipton
2) Nestea
3) Snapple
4) Tazo
5) Honest Tea

Evolution of Iced Tea
•Iced tea, which was first served about the time
the first tea bags were created by Sullivan, was
also invented inadvertently.  It was first
introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St.
Louis.  Richard Blechynden, a tea producer and
plantation owner from India, had set up a booth
to promote his black teas.  The sweltering
summer heat and humidity prompted him to
serve the tea over ice, just to get people to try
it.  It became an instant hit at the fair.  In the
100 years since then, consumption of iced tea
in the U.S. has grown to over 40 billion cups
per year.
•Ever since it was invented, iced tea has
steadily gained popularity. From its early
beginnings as an alcoholic punch to now, as a
popular thirst quencher, iced tea has become a
bigger and bigger business. A multi-billion
dollar one, in fact. And the draw of billions of
dollars has made hundreds of iced tea brands
• Iced tea is popular with people who want a
nonalcoholic alternative at mealtime.

License to make NonAlcoholic Beverages
(a) No person shall manufacture for sale in
bottles or jugs any soft drink or other
nonalcoholic within this State without having
first applied for and having received a
license from the Department of Health and
Social Services.
(b) The application shall contain the name of
the applicant, the applicant's address and
the location of the applicant's manufacturing
plant or plants, the name of the beverage or
beverages to be manufactured and such
other pertinent information as shall be
prescribed by the Department of Health and
Social Services in pursuance of this chapter.
(c) The application shall be accompanied by a
fee of $25, upon receipt of which application
and fee the Department of Health and Social
Services shall issue to the applicant a
license for the manufacture of the beverages
mentioned in this section.
(d) the Department of Health and Social
Services shall have authority to approve

Competitors Unique Selling Propositio
• naturally refreshing flavors.
• deliver outstanding on-the-go refreshment.
• To help maintain hydration and health


• expertly blending tea and fruit to give a refreshin
great tasting and naturally good drin
• Drink chilled for ultimate taste enjoyment
• Refresh your senses.

• All-Natural refreshment.
• Riding a wave of diet beverage mania
• Unadulterated food products

• Tazo is life, reblended
• Each cup is a story, unfolding with every sip.
• natural ingredients and sweeteners.

Honest Tea

• embrace the simplicity of tea – water and leaves
• makes it easier for people to enjoy lower
calorie refreshment.
• organic bottled tea and a naturally decaffeinated

Price is the amount paid in exchange or a
commodity or service. Price of the product
depends on competition in the market,
governmental regulations, demand of the
market, quality and quantity of the product.
Selling Price to customers : Rs.35
Selling Price to retailers : Rs. 33
Selling Price to wholesalers : Rs.31.5
Selling Price to customers : Rs.20
Selling Price to retailers : Rs. 18.75
Selling Price to wholesalers : Rs. 18
Selling Price to customers : Rs.26
Selling Price to retailers : Rs. 24.5
Selling Price to wholesalers : Rs.22.5

Selling Price to Customers : Rs.22
Selling Price to Retailers : Rs. 20.5
Selling Price to Wholesalers : Rs. 19.5
Honest Tea
Selling Price to Customers : Rs.18
Selling Price to Retailers : Rs.17.5
Selling Price to Wholesalers : Rs.16
The profit margin of the retailer is 6%
and that of the wholesaler is 4%.

Brand Name : Refresh

Tagline : Cool to the Core
Features :
1) Variant flavors and rich in
2) No artificial sweeteners.
3) The essence and taste of tea is
4) It helps relax and restores energy.
Refresh Ranges
Honey and Ginger
Citrus Mix
Very Berry


Packaging of Refresh
• Can – 250 ml

• Sachet – Serves 6

• Bottle – 550 ml

• Carton – 1 Liter

Selling price of Refresh
To the Customers = Rs. 25
To the retailers = Rs. 23.5
To the wholesalers = Rs. 22.5

Promotion of my brand
TV Advertisements : This is the best mode to
advertise a product like iced tea as it has wide
and speedy reach to customers. It combines
the power of sight and sound and thus have a
direct impact on the minds of its viewers.
Outdoor Advertising : Electronic displays,
Billboards, Posters and Hoardings are used in
this mode of advertising . It remains valid for a
longer duration of time.
Transport Advertising : This mode covers a
wide range of mobile customers. It is
economical and within reach of all classes of
Quantity Plus : Offering more quantity for no
extra cost.
Price – off : Offering a discount in the price for

My Unique Selling Proposition
The unique selling proposition of Refresh is its
health factor as it includes vitamins, proteins and
other nutrients) and no artificial flavors.
It quenches thirst and revives body, mind and soul.

Means of Transport
1) Airplanes : Air Transport is used to transport the
iced tea across international borders so as to make
it available to worldwide customers.
2) Shipment Consignments : Sea Transport is used
to transport large quantities of iced tea to different
3) Trucks : Regional and National distribution is
done via land transport. This proves to be
economical and feasible.

Indirect channels are used for the
distribution of Iced Tea.
This is done via wholesalers, retailer and
This is done as :
a) Iced Tea is a consumable product with
good shelf life.
b) The market for Iced Tea is wide and
scattered. Also indirect channels are
preferred for national and international
c) Intense competition between brands
prevails in the market,
1) Refresh Iced Tea is stored in a
warehouse with both refrigerator and
normal shelf facilities.
2) It should have the right temperatures to
store bottled, canned and carton iced
3) There should be sufficient space to
accommodate adequate stock of both
refrigerated and sachets of Iced Tea.

Social Message
Refresh Iced Tea quenches thirst like
no other. Its healthy and replenishes
energy. Its vibrant colors and flavors
will attract people of all ages.
It is an economical drink. Its discount
and quantity plus offers make it even
more accessible to lower middle
class customers.
The bottles, cans and cartons are all
bio – degradable hence even
environmental protection is taken
into consideration will manufacturing
Refresh Iced Tea.

Certified that this project report “Market
Research concept and Marketing Mix in case
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