We fabricates the industrial magnets like
magnetic plate, magnetic lifter, drawer
magnet, magnetic roller,
over band magnetic separator, magnetic rod,
plate magnet, pipe line magnet, tube magnet,
drawer magnet,
double drum magnetic separator, grill
magnet, hump magnet, hopper magnet, wet
drum magnetic separator,
suspended magnet, magnetic pulley and
many more equipments

Types Of Magnetic Equipment's

Plate Magnet
Channel Magnet
Hump Magnet
Funnel Magnet
Magnetic Rods
Pipe Line Magnetic
Inline Magnetic
Wet Drum Magnetic

Hopper Magnets

Magnetic Separator
Grill Magnet
Drawer Magnets
Magnetic Pulley
Magnetic Roller Separator
Magnetic Lifter
Magnetic Filters
Magnetic DE stoner
Suspended Magnet
Over Band Magnetic Separator

Factors Affecting Magnets
There are several factors that can affect
the effectiveness of a magnet’s
performance including:
 Temperature: magnetic materials lose
strength when exposed to elevated temperatures
and it cannot be recovered by cooling.

Equipment Design: spacing and number of
tubes in magnetic equipment affect the strength
of the magnetic field it generates. Closer spacing
and more tubes means a stronger magnetic field
and higher efficiency.

Flow Characteristics: Many food products
exhibit different flow characteristics when damp
or moist affecting the flow between the magnetic
separator and the product.
Product Characteristics: Assessing the
characteristics of the material that is processed is
a key point in selecting the right magnetic
separator. Evaluation of Magnet Performance
Magnets can lose strength over time and should
be tested at least once a year. There are two
types of measurements that evaluate magnets:
› Pull Test: Easy and repeatable test to evaluate the

performance of a magnet. Commercially test equipment
can be found on the market. It helps to monitor the
efficiency of a separator by measuring the holding force
of a magnet.

› Gauss meter: Provides standard

measurement for evaluating a magnet
design. It is not practical for assessing the
relative effectiveness of a magnetic

Magnetic Grill


Magnetic equipments contain vast
application area.
Function of the magnetic equipments is to
eliminate varied types of ferrous
contaminants from different kinds of
It efficiently removes iron nails, bits and
pieces from the desired material.
It is also used to remove such impurities
from machinery and contact parts to
enhance their service life.
It prevents scratches and breakages of the

Magnetic Filter

Coffee and Tea
Snack Foods
Recycled Products
Paints and
Pulp and Paper


It is quick and relatively uncomplicated
It gives immediate indications of defects
It shows surface and near surface defects,
and these are the most serious ones as they
concentrate stresses
The method can be adapted for site or
workshop use
It is inexpensive compared to radiography
Large or small objects can be examined
Elaborate pre-cleaning is not necessary

Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic Rod

Metal Detector


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