Coca-Cola Advert

Danielle Gault

Camera Shot Types

This is an establishing
shot showing all the
surroundings but still
keeping what is going
on in the shot. This is
effective a it shows
where the subjects
are rather than just
what they are doing
also because it shows
the setting and
lighting more in

This is a close up shot
showing the full
expression on the
older brothers face
close up as he scares
away the ‘bullies’.
This is effective as the
audience can see and
interpret exactly how
the subject is feeling
in this shot towards
what is happening
with his little brother

This is a mid-sot
showing the older
brother walking away
but you can see the
younger brothers full
body in the
background with a
clear view of his
expression. This is
effective as you can
see both subjects and
its more focused on
the boy in the

Camera Angles

The angle in this shot
is a high angle as it is
looking downwards
onto the subject and
the whole scenery
however it is not
quite a birds eye
angle. This is
effective as you can
still see the subject
from the side but you
can also see all of the
scenery and lighting
from the sky to make

The angle in this shot
is a low angle to give
power to the subject
when he scares of the
‘bullies’. This makes
him look scary as you
are smaller than the
subject. This effective
because the audience
can feel as if they are
there in front of him
and can feel the
emotions in this
scene it also is close

The angle in this shot
is an eye level angle
as you are on the
same level as the boy
in the background
which is the most
focused subject in the
shot but also level
with the older brother
as he walks away
‘into the camera
shot’. This is effective
because you can
really see the

Camera Movements

The camera
movement in this
shot is truck, the
camera follows they
boys as they walk
along the path and is
only focused on
them. This is
effective because
you can constantly
see what is
happening between
the brothers as it is

The camera
movement in this
shot is zoom. It
slowly zooms in
towards the boy as
he sits by himself.
This is effective
because the
audience feels
empathy for the boy
as he is lonely and
you can see exactly
what he is doing. Also

The camera
movement in this
shot is dolly. It moves
backwards as the
older brother walks
towards the camera.
This is effective
because you can see
what is happening
between them both
without the older
brother blocking the


At the end of the advert the Coca-Cola logo twists and
appears along with the slogan ‘TATSTE THE FEELING’. This
is effective because the logo and brand is very popular
and you can notice what it is as soon as you see it. The
slogan is also effective because it seems like its telling
you that is you were to drink Coca-Cola you will
experience the love and support from your family if your
having a had time.

Diagetic Sound
Through most of the advert doesn’t have any
diegetic sound which is effective because you
focus more on the meaning of what is
happening between the two brothers.
However you do hear the rain wen they are
walking down the road. You also hear the
sound of the younger boy drinking the coke at
the end and a ‘klunk’ sound when the brother
knocks the bottle so his brother spills it.

Non-Diagetic sound
The one thing you mainly here is the
music. The song is ‘Hey Brother’ by
Avicii. This fits effectively because the
song is about brother who have each
others back which is exactly what the
moral/message of the advert is.


One of the settings is at home, in the living room and at
the dining room table. This is effective because it links in
with meaning of family as they are at their family home
and part of it is the family around the table together.
Another setting is outside on the street. This is effective
because you can have natural lighting and nature to give
it more of a realistic and natural feeling.
Lastly one of the settings is at the park. This is effective
because it also gives it more of a natural feel where you
can see all the children playing in the background. The
audience can feel as if they are there at the park.


The lighting in this advert is all natural
light from outside. When they are in
the house the light is coming in from
the window and reflecting. When the
are on the street and in the park the
light is all natural as well. This is
effective because it gives a realistic
feel to the advert and the audience
can feel as if they are there and
because its sunny it makes the
audience feel happy, like pathetic


The actors in this advert are wearing
clothes that most boys would wear, in the
summer. For example, short sleeve tops
and jeans or shorts. This is effective
because it leaves a natural tone and
makes it seem to the audience that its
real and that this happens in real life.


There isn’t any of make-up in this
advert as it is supposed to be a real
life situation and because the actors
are boys they don’t really wear makeup anyway. This is effective because it
makes it more true and the audience
can watch this and think that it
actually did happen and tis is what the
product can actually make happen.


In this advert they used many props. These
include a play station, headphones, an
umbrella. These are effective because people
can relate to these everyday objects. On the
table whilethe boy is playing the play station
and when they are having dinner there is a
bottle of Coca-Cola and at the park the boy is
drinking it as well. This is product placement
and they are using there product to promote it
and show that people drink it in everyday life.

There isn’t any dialogue in this advert. His is effective
because you focus more on the acting and the meaning
of the advert.
The two boys are acting as brothers who tease one
another but at the end of the day will have each others
back in times of trouble. This is effective because it
touches the audiences hearts and it tells them that if
they drink their product their brothers/family will have
their back and that it can make everything alright in the
They also haven’t used any celebrities to tell the
audience that this could happen to anyone and anyone
can enjoy the drink.


The logo in this advert is the words
coca cola written on the bottle. The
bottle itself is white and the writing is
red. This is effective because it makes
it stand out so that the audience can
see what the advert is about. Also
because the logo is very well known
and people can notice it quickly and
automatically know what the product.

Dominant image
• The dominant image in this
advert is the London Eye. This is
also white on top of the red
background which makes it
stand out more. They also have
the different range of coca colas
as the capsules to show the
different types of drink they
have. This image is effective
because Coca Cola sponsor the
London Eye and it is a famous
landmark therefore people will
be able to spot

Secondary image
• The secondary image is different
coca cola bottles acting as people
lining up to go onto the London eye.
This is effective because it shows the
audience the different types of coca
cola that they sell rather than
promoting one. It also shows that you
can have fun if you drink these coca
cola flavours.

• The background is a vibrant red
which stands out from other adverts
in a magazine or newspaper. It also
makes the other information in front
of the background stand out as it is
mostly white. It is also effective
because coca colas brand is mainly
red so it represents the company.

• The tagline it #choosehappiness.
This is effective because it starts with
an imperative verb. It also makes it
look like you will only be happy if you
choose coca cola. The fact that it is a
hash tag is also effective because it
is the trend of today and when they
promote this online and social media
they can also use this hash tag and
people will know what it is.

• In this advert there is a
representation of London. this
representation is showing London in
a positive way by conveying it as a
popular cultural city and that the
London eye is a famous landmark. It
may also be interpreted that coca
cola are saying that they are only in
London by putting the London Eye in
the advert.

• This adverts target audience is for
anyone of any gender or any culture.
Especially people that would most
likely read magazines or newspapers.
However, if these print adverts were
to be plastered on a billboard in busy
areas it would attract anyone that
saw it. Although it is not
recommended for younger children
as it may contain too much sugar.

Production company
• The production company is Coca Cola
itself which originates from Atlanta,
Georgia. It also had other soft drinks
such as Fanta and Sprite. The
company is very well known in many
different countries and there
products make big profits from
around the world as well. Their logo
is also very well know and anyone
would be able to recognise it.