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m Holistically caring for the patient is primary

responsibility of every health care practitioner.

This includes keeping watch of every aspect in the
client¶s life that affects health such as nutrition,
activities of daily living, spirituality, mentality,
stress factors etc.
m @urses are member of the therapeutic
multidisciplinary team along with physicians,
psychiatrist, psychologists and dietitians. The
therapeutic orientation of nursing care depends on
the philosophy and clinical modalities of individual
treatment programs. (Foundations and Clinical
Applications of @utrition 3rd Ed Sara Long p 366-
m edical nutritional therapy is the use of specific nutrition services
to treat an illness, injury or condition. (Foundations and Clinical
Applications of @utrition 3rd Ed Sara Long p 366-367Certain
diseases or condition of hospital patients may require
appropriate dietary regimens in terms of type, amount and timing
of intake of food. It can help in the curing of the disease if the
appropriate dietary regimen is followed or further aggravate the
disease if it isn¶t. Dietary patterns in eating disorders may be
fractured to a point which meals are nonexistent or so redefines
as to lose all meaning. This dietary regimen is vital in the process
of eliminating not only diseases but as well as discomfort to the
patient) These statements adhere to concept of health of World
Health Organization (WHO) as a state of complete physical,
mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of
disease or infirmity.
m A situation was observed in the hospital setting when
a patient with type 2 Diabetes ellitus was being
supplied by nutritional supplements from the dietary
department. Complete Blood Glucose (CBG) was
done resulting to 250-270 mg /dl as the lowest
measure. From aforementioned definition, the case
does not manifest an effective implementation of the
said medical nutritional therapy since instead of
alleviating illness, further aggravation took place.
Results of these actions can bring about harm to
patients staying in hospital for a long time and lead to
significant decline in patient¶s health status .
m Considering all aspects possess an individual
significance; hence, no single aspect must be
neglected. The further aggravations of disease
and possible future complications that can bring
damage to patients further encourage the
pursuance of this study.
m The focus of the research will be on the adherence in
the medical nutritional therapy provided to the patients
as manifested by relative improvement or decline in
health status of UERC patients. Specific
parameters will be used to assess the possible effects
of inadherence or adherence to the nutritional therapy
like Complete Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure
onitoring etc. This research is the product of the
intention to improve patient¶s satisfaction in hospital
services by preventing further aggravation of illness
and producing complications.