Dental Materials

Clinical Manipulation of Dental Composite

Before After

Chemical or self activated Light activated

Manipulation Steps

After loss of a filling in the right maxillary central incisor

Determine the dentine shade

Determine the enamel shade

Rubber dam is applied

The Rubber dam is pushed in an apical direction by mean of ligatures to fix it in it¶s place

Marking the working area

Cutting procedure

Isolating instruments are used to prevent the adjacent tooth from being damaged

Translucent matrix band is positioned and Fixed

A self etching primer is applied

it¶s allowed to react for 30 sec

The bounding agent is applied


and polymerized

The palatal wall is reconstructed

and polymerized

The dentine core is built up

and polymerized

Building up the enamel

A brush is used to smooth out and adapt the composite

then polymerization

The wedge and matrix are removed

The restoration is finished using flexible discs

Finishing strips

Rubber polishers

And the Braces brushes

The occlusion is checked

Floride containing varnish is applied to promote remineralization

As good as new

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