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 The  Role 

Of Students In 

Role Of Student

The role of students in developing a country
is huge. You can't expect a country to
develop if it doesn't have literate people.
These students who are studying would be
working tomorrow. They would be working
for the public, private sector etc . These
students would be the pillars on which the
country would be standing on.
So the role of students is like building blocks
of nation and if they are left unnoticed
might cause long term major problems for
that country. So don't underestimate a

India had its own glory. The glory of India was lost due to foriegn domination. • In good old days. the British rule crushed our economy and degraded our social system. • However. • On the shoulders of the students. They are the architects of free and modern India.• The students of today are the future   citizens of India. . India enjoyed an evitable position in the world. The culture and civilization of India was well known and well recognized. a great responsibility lies fo building the country.

students in colleges and developing universities can educate the   country can and uneducated people. sponsored by the government.Students in a Firstly. both male and female students can serve their country by getting militarily trained. . A developing country cannot afford to have a very huge standing army. They can should work for engage in a universal social and education program which may be arranged or national progress. businessmen and landlords Secondly.

• Thirdly. Students can take part in social welfare activities for general social progress. . the senior students can insist the lawenforcing agencies in their work. A wing of the social welfare department may advise the different categories of students about the work they can perform in their respective fields. social organizations and students to work in close co-operation for the advancement of the country. It is the need of the hour for the government. For example they can make reports to price-controlling agencies about the high prices charged by shopkeepers • And finally.   • Fourthly.


• Purity . depend on no one . be bold . and above all . awake and not stop till the goal is reached .Swamy Vivekananda • According to Swami Vivekananda  • " Arise . " . love. Never fear what will become of you . take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own destiny. Only the moment you reject all help are you free. patience and perseverance are the three essential to success . • The training by which the current and expression of will is brought under control and becomes fruitful is called education. • The whole world secret of existence is to have no fear . • Stand up . be strong .

  Bill Gates Rule For Students •   .

wait 'til you get a boss. so he tends to be a bit edgier • Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity • Before you were born your parents weren't as boring as they are now. minus time for commercials.    . • Smoking does not make you look cool. He doesn't have tenure.• Life is not fair. •   If you think your teacher is tough. Get used to it. You may end up working for them. cleaning up your room and listening • Be nice to nerds. •   The real world won't care as much about your selfesteem as much as your school does. It makes you look moronic •   Television is not real life. Your problems will not all be solved in 30 minutes. They got that way paying your bills. Your life is not a sitcom.

2. 78% of them lives in rural and tribal areas .4% of total population . 4. Education Agriculture Industry Society Economy Indian financial market Indian politics Defense . his dream is to lead a life of dignity and self respect . 3. he wants to pendence a sin . 8. in the age group or 10-19 which constitutes 21.The Indian today is anxious to participate in the onward march of democracy and social justice. 6.   So . If they all join they can develop the following things: 1.he wants to work . 7. above data represents clear part. 5.

unfortunately.Need of a Paradigm Shift Rural development processes are still not very mature and upright. A thought of work in and for rural areas. Despite unusually high number of agricultural universities and institutes in our country. is like a nightmare for an average student in agricultural universities. Rural areas remain on the periphery of their thinking. We need to ignite their thinking and reshape their attitudes so that they find rural areas as a Rural development processes must have primacy of youth involvement . we have not been able to make our students’ mindset rural-oriented. Our youth are desperate to acquire lucrative jobs in big corporate houses or in foreign countries.


And when they became true professionals' degree holders they were invested into the field of their specialization and Japan started to cash their knowledge and talent.• Role of students in forming JAPAN The importance of students in the development of a country can be seen clearly from Japan strategy after World War 2. When war ate their skilled full personnel of and they were left with the young and inexperienced children. they gave them the high quality education of their fields. So their think tanks adopted a new strategy to build up their nation with experience and skilled full workforce in replacement of the one's that they had lost in War. Then those groups were divided into the categories of the profession that they wanted to adopt in future. • They selected the groups of intelligent and energetic students who wanted to do some thing for their country. sent them to the world class universities to learn up to date knowledge of their field in short every facility that a student can dream of was provided to them. And now we can see where Japan is standing after the destruction of World War 2. .

 India Ankit Fadia is an independent computer security consultant.  At 15. his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan India May 24. well-known as "TESA" (Telecommunication Engineers Students Association) in their respective institute for organizing such national level event. on 4th of March 2012. Aurangabad. .He started a website called "HackingTruths". Maharashtra (India). 1985 Coimbatore. which is undertaken by a group of students.known as "Innovate" which is being organized by Maharashtra institute of technology. According to Wendy McAuliffe at ZDNet UK. though no ranked list of "hacking sites" has been published by the FBI Recently he is going to conduct a workshop on ethical hacking which is getting an active response from both technical as well as nontechnical fields. Fadia's Hacking Truths website was judged "second best hacking site" by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

” she noted and declared her intention to focus on research in electronics and behavioural ecology. . we can it use in rural areas. the only Indian student among 15 global finalists at the Google Science Fair 2011. “If that is successful. Harine said that she was now working on making the inverter function through a capacitor using locally available renewable energy sources.” remarked 16-yearold Harine Ravichandran.Indian student among finalists at Google fair Harine Ravichandran worked on project to eliminate voltage fluctuations “My aim is to develop an artificial brain by studying the electrical impulses found in the brain.

 India October 29. Hisar district. .sports Vijender Singh Beniwal (born Saina Nehwal  (born March 17. Bhiwani district in Haryana. 1990) is an Indian badminton player ranked 4 in the world by Badminton World Federation from Dhindar.Haryana. 1985) is an Olympic Medalist Indian boxer from Kalwash.

Chief Guest and Magsaysay award recipient Harish Hande (centre) with other dignitaries. CMD. award winners and the YAA team.Kuldeep Dantewadia receiving the citation from M. Brigade Group. R. Jaishankar. hai .

March 17. Sandeep told them to keep away. He was deputed to NSG in January 2007. A file photo of Major Sandeep Unnikrishna. Dutt. Sandeep led his men into Taj Thursday. Sandeep had his schooling from Frank Anthony Public School in Bangalore. He was grievously injured and died on Friday. During the gunbattle he was separated from his men but continued taking on the terrorists.K. he was commissioned in the 7th Battalion of Bihar Regiment in 1999. according to NSG Director General J. who was killed in Mumbai  To prevent his colleagues from getting caught in the crossfire. After passing out of the National Defence Academy. 1977. .

   • It is the need of the hour for the government. some would be law makers making sure the law in the country  is fair etc. some would be scientists helping the country to  innovate things. They can help police in their  action against anti-state elements like drug addicts. This is how a country  develops and this is how many developing nations in the world have become  fully developed. There are students who receive some of their education in their home country  and then go abroad to get a higher degree . Senior students  can assist law-enforcing agencies in their work. criminals and smugglers • The students today would be the teachers of tomorrow . social organizations and students  to work in close cooperation for the advancement of the country.In Development • Some of these students would be the policy makers in the country helping the  government to make policies. They will be giving  their country back whatever their country has given them.

.       Honesty is another important trait that enables people to discharge their duties  and responsibilities in a proper manner. It is also necessary to make personal  sacrifice for the sake of the country. In the life and the progress of the nation. They  should understand the problems of free India and Endeavour their best to solve  them. Germany. England. France and  Canada if and only if the students contribute their might for making India a  powerful country for reckoning in the world. sacrifice. social system and glory need to be revived and boosted. This should be learnt and developed  during the student life itself. the role of discipline is very vital.       Our economy. the  glory of the past is yet to be achieved.        The student should develop the habit of discipline in order to face any given  situation with great confidence and success. India can  become a highly developed nation like America. honesty and character.        It is essential that the students discharge all their duties and work sincerely. The students can revive the lost glory of India with a  strong will.CONCLUSION Today things have changed and once again we are a free nation however.

K .S Presented by. Teja Babu. Thank you  Prepared by. Vishnu Prasad.