HACCP on Audit and

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Less formal report provided (maybe just the copy of the . You don’t tend to get any warning that the inspection is about to take place until it is actually happening. You can perform an inspection without having to do an audit.Audit Looks at the past – through records More formal planning involved including audit plans Generally announced (but not always) Has to include an inspection component Formal report writing with documented outcomes The time allocated is more extensive Inspection Looks at the present – the physical state Less formal activity Generally unannounced. Stand-alone activity.

By doing this. Good Manufacturing Good agricultural Sanitation standard operating procedures haccp Hazard analysis critical control point .The ultimate goal of food inspections is to ensure the safety of all food products reaching commerce. state and federal food laws and regulations. they can better prepare facilities for formal inspection to comply with local.

Maintaining an effective HACCP system depends largely on regularly scheduled verification activities.Implementation application of the HACCP system involves the continual of the monitoring. The HACCP plan should be updated and revised as needed. corrective action procedures and other activities as described in the HACCP plan. record-keeping. An important aspect of maintaining the HACCP system is to assure that all individuals involved are properly trained so they understand their role and can effectively fulfil their responsibilities. .



Principle #1 azard analysis .

Principle #2 Critical points control Principle #3 Critical limits .

Principle monitoring #4 procedure s Principle Corrective #5 action .

Principle #6 verification procedures Principle #7 Record keeping .

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ANUFACTURING LAWS Clean air act Clean water act Epa-inspection & evaluations pa-toxic substances control act (tsca) a-good manufacturing practices (Gmp) ood quality protection act (FQPA) Manufacturing & services (mas) Pollution prevention act .

IZATIONS RELATED TO MANUFACTURING ANSI  American astm Society for Testing and Materials Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience Fda-maude International Organization for Standardization iso  National nam Association of Manufacturers  American National Standards Institute  ational Council for Advanced Manufacturing .Sustainable Manufactur .

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