.INTRODUCTION Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the facility which allows a subscriber of a mobile telephone service to retain his mobile number when he moves: From one mobile telephone service provider to another . irrespective of the mobile technology . OR From one mobile technology to another of the same mobile telephone service provider .


2) Location Portability :.Location portability is the ability of users of telecommunications services to retain existing directory numbers without impairment of quality .P.Types OF M. The Govt. 3) Service Portability :. reliability or inconvenience when moving one physical location to another .N. has defined and mandated three basic features of number portability: 1) Service Provider Portability :.Service Portability is the ability of users of telecommunications service to retain existing directory numbers without impairment of quality . . reliability or convenience when switching from one service to another service provided by the same carrier.Service Provider Portability or Local Number Portability is the ability of end users to retain existing directory numbers at the same location as they change from one service provider to another .

it will be possible for users to change their LSA as well as service provider without a Change in the mobile number . # With MNP Technology .PRESENT SCENARIO # Presently in India. Number Portability is permitted only within a Local Service Area (LSA) . # This means that the subscriber can change : 1) Operator like Airtel to Idea 2) Technology .GSM to CDMA or CDMA to GSM 3) Or both like Reliance CDMA to Vodafone GSM .



operator wise and technology wise . • They have been assigned LSA wise. • For example BSNL has been allocated 42 codes in total – 21 for GSM and 21 for CDMA. . • These are 4 digit codes and have been assigned by DOT .The location routing number • It refers to a code assigned to every access provider for the purpose of implementing mobile number portability .

ELIGIBLITY CRITERIA FOR PORTING • Every subscribers shall be eligible to make a request for porting his mobile number provided that. • A period of 90 days has expired from the date of activation of his new mobile connection / 90 days from last porting. . • There are no outstanding payments due to the Donor Operator by way of pending bills issued as per the normal billing cycle but before the date of application for porting.

. if any. • The mobile number sought to be ported is not sub-judice • Porting of the concerned mobile number has not been prohibited by a Court of Law • In case of prepaid accounts . • There is no pending request for change of ownership of the mobile number. at the time of porting shall lapse.ELIGIBLITY CRITERIA FOR PORTING • The subscribers are required to fulfill the following criteria. the balance amount of talk time.

Technical implementation of m np .


• Service Order Administration( SOA ) :provides the functionality to interface to carries order and provisioning system in order to update the NPAC for access by all other carries. validate the information when an active message is received and download the new routing information when an active message is received indicating that the customer has been physically connected to the new service provider’s network. . • Number Portability Administration Center ( NPAC ) :The NPAC is designed to receive information from both the incumbent and new service provider .

Number Portability Database ( NPDB ) . Service Control Point Management System 2. OTHER ELEMENTS OF THE ARCHITECTURE 1.• Local Service Management System (LSMS) The LSMS is a fault-tolerant hardware and software platform that contains the database of information required to enable routing and call completion to ported telephone numbers.

.ADVANTAGES OF MNP BENEFITS FOR OPERATORS • Healthy competition and an opportunity to explore more services/features . • Introduction of innovative service . • Operator with best QOS will gain the subscribers .

ADVANTAGES OF MNP BENEFITS FOR SUBSCRIBERS • Convenience of customer to personalize the same number across the operators location and services ( No age for your number ) . . better tariff plans for customers. more features and services. • Better QOS . • No cost incurred to notify the new contact details to the other ( friends.

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