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S1-C Water Bike

S1-C Water Bike Feature

A water bike like no other. The S1-C defines a new age of

water biking. A blend of iconic design and precision
engineering, the S1-C delivers a sensational water based
experience. Propeller driven withtwo-stage 1:7.5 gear ratio
for efficient and easy pedaling.This water bike folds for easy
transport on most bike racks, in the trunk or the back of a

Motherboard Capret Feature

This cut & loop carpet is hand made from the finest fibers,
and designed by our French Design Partners at
Harow.Creatively Designed to resemble a modern
integration of Technology into our daily lifestyle
Available Sizes (in feet):
5 x 7
6 x 9
8 x 10
9 x 12
10 x 14
11.6 x 14.6

Motherboard Capret

Skull Armchair World Domination

Skull Armchair World Domination Feature

Options / Details

Both the black and the gold models:

Luxury black velvet
Structure of reinforced fiberglass
Steel internal frame
Black Armchair
High Gloss Black Finish
Limited Numberededition
Gold Armchair
14 Carat Gold Plated
Unique edition

Missile Lamp Feature

The All New French Designed Missile Lamp
Whether it is a Giant Leap for Mankind, or simply a Launch
to Strike, this Missile Lamp will keep you engaged at
night.Sitting on a square block of Smoothed Egyptian
Granite, the bright tip represents the Capsule of the Rocket,
and the long tube fitting the Florescent Light represents the
fire trail that illuminates your surroundings.This Lamp is
painted with a glossy Goldor SilverPaint, and is made from
100% Stainless Steel.
Height: 160 CM
Width: 30 CM

Missile Lamp

Icon Stool Arnold


Icon Stool Arnold Feature

The limited edition Arnold Stool brings back the iconic

imagery ofThe Terminator.The French design has captured
the perfect combination of art and functional seating to
showcasethe spirit and philosophy of a machine-made
man.Further enhancing the futuristic ambiance is the clean
gloss and metallic finishes available for the different


Geometric (Diamond) Lamp


Geometric (Diamond) Lamp Feature

French Designed GeometricLamp
Sitting on a square block of Smoothed Egyptian Granite,
the Geometric design represents Diamond, making a great
fit for a Modern Design Setting or an Architecturally Inspired
Interior. The tubular florescent lights fit inwardly which
makes for a sleek and subtle design.This Lamp is painted
with a glossy Goldor SilverPaint, and is made from 100%
Stainless Steel.This Geometric Lamp comes in 2 different
sizes, LARGE & SMALL
Height: 60 cm/ 150 cm
Width: 40 cm / 60 cm


ExplorAir 45 Drone


ExplorAir 45 Drone Feature

Explorair 45 is a twin counter rotating unmanned helicopter

for serious work or heavy duty play. Powered by a turbine,
Explorair 45 offers a 15 kg payload and has the ability to fly
in winds up to 90 km / h. Ideal for aerial
photography/video, surveillance, mapping, payload delivery,
war games and whatever your imagination can muster.


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